A Front Door Makeover for $2.50

Monday, September 2, 2013

I need to start off by saying that this makeover won't be lasting for too long. ;)

We are planning to replace our front door sometime in the next year or two in order to let more natural light into our entryway. I would really love to find a door with a glass insert and paint it a fun color--and of course--add our address number to the front of it like we did at our last house. I loved those vinyl numbers so much!


Our current situation was pretty boring, and I knew it would make the wait for a new door that much longer with everything looking so plain. 

See what I mean?

I also really wanted to decorate the patio for all of the holidays that are coming up and a grungy white door with a broken storm door to top if off did not set the best scene for a pretty patio display.

With money being pretty tight at the moment, I thought that I would just have to deal with it until we saved up for the new door, but then I got an idea: why not check the glorious money-saving "Oops" paint section at Lowe's? (Don't you just love light bulb moments like that?) I headed to Lowe's and pretty much hit the jackpot with two color options for only $2.50 a quart. That's right! Go to Lowe's, it can be your best friend, too. 

The colors I had to choose from were a navy blue and a basic red. I was of course drawn to the navy (I love my blues!), but ultimately decided against it since our house is painted a dark taupe color (not my fave but it's great to cover up aaaaall of the west Texas dirt) and I have two black flower pots that pretty much live on the front patio... and that kind of clash is no good in my book.

I normally steer clear of reds....but this one... I LOVE.

Yep. LOVE.

It is truly amazing what a little bit of paint can do. 

I used some supplies we already had to patch and freshen up all of the trim with a glossy white paint (I still need to touch up a few spots...), and I also attempted to DIY gold leaf the doorbell (but I kinda hate it in person, so I'm still working on that one ;)).



My next project on the front patio will most likely be switching out the overhead light...

I'm thinking of a lantern, similar to this...

I just think it's super classy, which of course makes me happy. My favorite affordable options are from Overstock...

But I'm really wanting something more substantial, so I will probably keep looking.

Have you ever made a super cheap or even free update that has really changed the look of your home? 

Have a great day!


  1. What a difference! Looks amazing!

  2. I love this! Berto has been begging for a red front door for ages - our boring HOAs have denied all of our requests - I am super jealous!! I can't wait to see what light you chose - and all of your beautiful fall decor!!

    1. Haha, thanks Caitlin! I'm surprised that your HOA won't let you paint it red! Are you guys building in HR? My mom painted their door red a few years ago and I've been obsessed with it ever since--I don't think she's gotten in trouble yet, haha ;).

      I've already been decorating for fall--Bryan is making fun of me big time!

  3. It looks great.....also where is the wreath from? It is so pretty:)

    1. Thanks, Kyla! It is from Home Goods in Denver. I love that place so much!!

  4. Wow it looks amazing! What a great find in the opps section! I love the idea of a lantern, I really like the second one you posted from Overstock. The first one looks a little Asian inspired to me and I don't know if that's what you're going for. I am lusting after a new front door too. We have a super ugly rusted and broken storm door that I'm going to take off this fall, and while we recently had our door painted black to match our shutters, it's over 30 years old and it's just time for a new one. I really want one with a window too!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! You are so right...that first one does look Asian inspired...just now noticing that! I took the storm door off in about 20 minutes--it's really easy and helps so much!

  5. It looks great!! I love a fab red door! This one is perfection!

  6. Who would've thought that you just repainted your old door? It looks new, without a hint of any damage or scratch! I guess you really have some painting skills, that's why you were able to pull this one through. I hope that someday, you'll have enough budget for your ideal door.

    -Katie Nicoll @ ClarkAdams

    1. Thank you, Katie!! I actually don't think I am great at painting, haha, anything helps though! I hope so too...hopefully in the next year or so!

  7. I just went through the process of getting a new front door for my house. We had the original, which was a few decades old. It was a great sturdy door but unfortunately, we live in a very humid climate so it had started cracking and warping and sometimes we could not get it shut or open it a budge.

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware


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