A Fall Wish List

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Here is a small wish list I've compiled of my absolute favorite "must-haves" for fall...of course we have zillion other things that need to be paid for at the moment (including a visit from the bug guy because I've seen one too many spiders around the house and that is NOT okay), but hopefully I'll get around to seeing a few of these in my closet/house sometime in the next few months...;)

1. Oh, these will come home with me, and probably later this month. Old Navy is usually hit and miss with me, but I saw these red booties in person and fell in love. Cute, comfortable, and they work dressed up or down.
2. I've been debating splurging on nice sunglasses for, well, years now. I definitely wouldn't go this pricey (the ones pictured above are $395), but I've been keeping an eye out for some structured looking shades similar to these....especially with tortoise shell frames!
3. Leather, leather, everywhere! I love it. I've already bought a faux-leather shirt and am debating on getting some leggings...but I know without a doubt that a leather jacket is definitely on the want list. I love love, LOVE this diamond-patterned one from SheInside. 
4. Another big comeback trend that I want to hop on (again) is the distressed jean, and thankfully this time around they are skinny jeans and it's not 2004. More than likely, this will be a DIY project with one of the many pairs of neglected skinnies already hanging in my closet ;).
5. Okay, this hat reminds me of the 80's, and maybe in a bad way, but it's still a fun trend, so why not? That's right: printed baseball caps. All I need is a scrunchie and a can of Aqua Net. (Kidding.) But seriously though...a loose pony, skinny jeans and an oversized sweater...so cute!
6. So, I realize a tea kettle is not in the clothing/fashion category...but the idea of a pretty little kettle to make tea on those cool fall nights has been on my mind for a while!! And the copper is SO perfect. 

What's on your list for the fall? Do we have anything in common?

Have a great day!

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