Our Christmas Tree and Bedroom.

Monday, December 17, 2012

I can't start off this post like I normally do. We all know why. I'm sure most all of you shared my tears on Friday and throughout the weekend. My heart is broken for those in Newtown. Becoming a parent has really brought it home personally, and all I could think while watching the death toll rise was "Those poor mamas."
On Friday morning, heaven gained 20 little angels, as well as those teachers and administrators who fought to protect them. As the wife of a teacher and coach, I know how much those teachers cared for their kids, how they thought of them all day long, and how they felt it was their duty to not only protect them, but to raise them to be good and responsible people in our corrupt world.
My youth minister's wife gave me chills and a little bit of peace on Friday when she posted this on Facebook (hope you don't mind me using this, Kristi!)
"I just kept thinking about the parents who have lost their children in CT and all over the world, not just yesterday but ever. May God wrap HIS arms around you. HE will have a special entrance into heaven for you...so you don't have to wait in line! You can RUN to see your babies again."
Writing a post on Christmas decorations is so trivial and silly after all that has happened, BUT I know that looking at pretty pictures always makes me a bit happier, even if it's just for a moment, so I hope these do the same for you, too.
Let's just all agree that pretty pictures and Christmas decorations are absolutely NOTHING compared to the joy of spending Christmas with our families. Nothing at all.
With all of that said, here are a few pictures of our Christmas tree and our bedroom....
Here is a little peak at our Christmas living room, new paint color and all. It makes me happy. 
I should preface this by saying that I pulled the toys, blankets, and diapers that were lying on the floor into the dining room before taking this pictures. That's how I roll :).
As usual, our tree is the focal point in our home. Most everything is the same as it was last year, except for the biggie--the star! I picked that up at a JoAnn's summer clearence sale. I think it's supposed to hang on a wall in a garden or something. We (Bryan) rigged it with a wire coat hanger and stuck it on the tree instead.
The lights are on 95% of the time, which I also love. There is something about twinkle lights that is just so downright cheery and comforting.
I picked up our tree at Target 2 years ago if anyone wants to know. They still have it--it's the 7.5 foot pre-lit slim Virginia pine. It's pretty amazing because it has a bunch of texture in it and some pinecones. And who doesn't love a good pinecone?
I also mixed it up this year by adding some burlap ribbon and a bunch of curly willow branches. I'm obsessed with the curly willow branches. I  kind of knocked it off of Lauren Leiss's tree that was in BHG two years ago (Although the branches in hers were huge and awesome.) And of course, the mix of natural and glitter is still present this year, with green apples, feathers, metal snowflakes, glittery branches, and classic glass ball ornaments.
I can't show you tree pictures without showing a few at nighttime---when the whole thing glows!
Can you spot Parker's first Christmas ornament?
In our bedroom, I threw together simple vignettes on the two dressers--one with a fake magnolia leaf wreath that my mom gave me. I have no clue why she wanted to get rid of it---I feel like I've seen magnolia leaves everywhere this season. This is also the only decoration with a bit of red on it in the whole house!
I got little Rudolph at TJ Maxx after Christmas last year for like $3. I know Crate and Barrel or Pottery Barn or somewhere fancy like that had the same ones for way more, so I felt pretty bargain savvy. :) I also put some extra ornaments in a wooden bread tray with a few sprigs of fresh greenery.
And on our big dresser, I filled one corner with more greenery and a pretty poinsettia. Perfection.

Well, that's about it. Hug your kiddos and husbands, mom, dads, friends, whoever! Merry Christmas and have a wonderful Monday!

Parker's Christmas Nursery.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hello there! Just wanted to pop in and share a few pictures of Parker's nursery all done up for Christmas. Here we go!

I know, you are all just SHOCKED that I decorated with neutrals. ;)

I did lots of fresh greenery and garlands (even though they made my hands itch like cra-zay), and my favorite white poinsettias. Love love love.
I also got a rosemary tree for the first time this year. At first, I bought Parker a fake mini tree... then I decorated it, decided I didn't like it, and swapped it out for this little cutie.
Yes, I am a fickle decorator.
I wrapped the container in some extra burlap ribbon that I already had and got that little silver star in the Target dollar spot. (best section ever!)
I made this cute cute cute little wreath with some linen that I already had. I just followed the instructions for the Nonna Wreath from Jones Design Company. I'm slightly obsessed with Emily, I pretty much think we should be friends. :)
I love this little guy. I also made a friend for him that I hung in our kitchen. Can't wait to show ya'll that too!

So that's that. Pretty simple, but I love it. I've really been looking forward to decorating Parker's room for Christmas ever since we finished it, so I'm happy that I'm happy with how it turned out :). Don't you just love when things work out like that?
Talk to you all later!

Our 2012 Christmas Mantle.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year! And I love our mantle. Again. It didn't change much at all from last year, but here it is for all who want to see it:
Obviously, we painted our house, which I LOVE. I moved the stockings over to one side and added a mirrored ball thing that I got at TJMaxx a few years ago, as well as another apothecary jar that normally sits on a dresser in the corner of our living room (our tree is there right now). The last new addition this year are a couple of wired baskets filled with grapevine balls and ornaments.
This year I decided to jump on the bandwagon and buy some real greenery to mix in with my ever-faithful faux greenery. I like the look, but not the mess, and definitely not the rash that it gave my hands! And it made me wheeze. I am a loser.
So here is our mantle last year:
(OH my gaaaawsh. I pulled this up and yelled "Peach Crayon!" How did I stand that color for so long? I really need to do a updated home tour with the new paint color--sorry about that.)
And here is our mantle now:
Ahhhh, pretty much the same, but SO much better. :)
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Six Months AND Seven Months!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I think we can all agree that I am not that consistent at blogging these days. But...can you blame me? I'm having too much fun with this little man!

I DO take pictures on time and write down little notes about that month, but never post them. SO, we are doing a 6 and 7 month recap for this post! Here we go for 6 months...

Height: 26.2 inches
Weight: 17lbs 10oz
Head Circumference: 17.8 inches

  • You wear size 3 diapers and mostly 6-9 month clothing.
  • You have already grown out of your Christmas jammies that we got before you were born. So big! Christmas in October was awesome.
  • You nurse 4-5 times a day and usually take about 6 ounces, I think.
  • You sleep 10-11 hours each night.
  • You tried  A LOT of baby food this month but weren't a big fan of any of it, really. The things you tolerate the most are bananas and pears. We usually try and feed you 1-2 times per day.
  • You flip flop and scoot ALL around your crib at night and frequently fall asleep in one of the corners of the crib with your legs stuck in the slats.
  • You started pushing up on all fours and can drag yourself around on the floor. You are also a pro at scooting backwards.
  • You still love football games and love going to team dinners with dad. The players LOVE you and freak me out pretty often by stealing you and taking pictures.
  • You caught your first cold this month and I was a wreck. :)
  • You love to talk to yourself at nap time and of course, you still love to growl. It is still hilarious.
  • You suddenly sprouted a lot of hair at some point this month. It is SO blonde and fluffy and I love it.
  • You enjoyed a visit from your Grammie this month!

Height: Maybe 27 inches?
Weight: Maybe 18 or a little more pounds?
Head Circumference:
Maybe 18 inches or more. Your head is always off the charts!

  • You wear size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes. And maybe some 9-12 month clothing, but I'm in denial....
  • You are still nursing 4-5 times a day and eating about 6-7 ounces each time.
  • We quit baby food. Again. You just weren't a fan and your doctor said not to push it too hard.
  • You cut your front bottom 2 teeth on November 1st! It was a big deal in our house!
  • You were a little stud at your first Halloween. I decided to make your costume (which was very exhausting) but SO worth it. We went to Trunk or Treat at church and you were a pumpkin at the Lubbock Fair who won "First Place Cutest Pumpkin". Our trunk won second place, and I know it was all because of you being so stinkin' cute in your puffy costume.
  • You started saying "dadadadada" at the beginning of the month and are SO proud of yourself.
  • You started saying "mamamama" later this month and are so SO proud of yourself. We LOVE this!
  • You have an absolutely awesome "grandpa face" that you make when your gums hurt. It is adorable. Especially when you smile while making it. (see photo above)
  • You still growl and have recently started doing some pretty girly sounding screams when you think something is exciting.
  • You have started cuddling and laying your heads on our chests. Melts. My. Heart.
  • You have started reaching for us....especially me. :) I feel pretty awesome.
  • We enjoyed a trip from Julie and Nonnie this month and then headed to Colorado later on this month for your first Thanksgiving! You had a lot of fun being adorable and happy. Nonnie tried to corrupt you with pots and pans and loud banging and Pops got you a bike wagon and we went on your first bike ride! You were SO indifferent about this, and just sat slumped over for an hour and got SO made when we tried to straighten you up. This is still funny to me.
  • You are so so so close to crawling! You rock and rock and rock and then fall over on your belly or face. I guess you will do it when you are ready! You still crawl backwards and scoot everywhere though.
  • One of my favorite memories from this month was at the last team dinner of the season, the speaker was getting the team all riled up and they were yelling...you know, like boys do. Well--you were having none of that. The second it got quiet, you started screaming like those boys were the scariest things on the planet. I couldn't help but laugh as ran you out of the room. Everyone got a pretty good kick out of it. :)

I think that's about it. Thank you all for letting me share all of my rambling of first-time motherhood! It is all very exciting when you've never experienced it before. :)
I have my house all decked out for Christmas and am hoping to get some pictures up soon! Have a great day!

Quickly, before I decorate for Christmas. And a Feature!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hello, hello!
I did a few fall decorations inside our house this year, and I wanted to share them before we took them down (which I am doing TODAY!) because it's almost Christmas time (!) and...they are starting to rot. :)
It's nothing flashy, just some pumpkins and gourds in a couple of places around the casa. I've never been big on the faux leaves/red/orange stuff, and I've actually never decorated for fall inside our house, so this is a big deal for me. ;)

Parker got a baby pumpkin and a warty pumpkin.

This is all the pumpkin love that our dining table got.

And then some gourds around the fireplace. I know, I know, we are a little boring---but I like it.
Did I mention we painted the house? I LOVE it. I need to take some more pictures! Will work on that one....
ALSO. I had the absolute pleasure of making a sweet bridal shower invitation and menu for my favorite Michaela from Michaela Noelle Designs. Seriously, I love this girl. She is the best!
She styled a shoot for the wonderful Ashley Slater Photography, which has been featured on Something Pretty

Head on over and check it out! Thanks again, Michaela, for including me!!
Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Little Things.

Friday, November 9, 2012

I have many thoughts about these pictures, but I don't know how to turn them into words. I'm already feeling nostalgic for this chapter in my life. I'm having anxiety about these days slipping away too quickly....without my notice. I want to remember all of the little things that went on in our day-to-day
when it was just me and Parker hanging out at home. The low hum of his sleep machine, his sighs and grunts. Walking into the empty living room after laying him down with only the noise of daytime television to keep me company. Drowning in loads of laundry that smell like baby, trying to pick my way through piles of tiny shoes and socks, cardboard books, and creepy little toys that play music at random.
I'm very excited for him to grow up. I'm very excited to see him as a little person with feelings and thoughts and a voice of this own. I cannot wait for Christmases when he will make a list for Santa and help me bake cookies (or just make a mess in the kitchen). But I'm getting ahead of myself. And I need to remember that.
Here's to soaking up those little things. :)
Sorry for the sap, I guess I'm just a mom who has many feelings today. :)
Happy Friday!

Our Fall Patio Decor

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I thought I would share our outside fall decor before it's too late and I've already put up our Christmas decor. (which  I am soooooooo excited about!)
I spruced up a wreath that I made about 2 years ago with a burlap ribbon from last year's Christmas wreath and some fake fruit that my crafty mom gave me. Thank the Lord for hot glue guns.
I made some cute, easy, and most importantly, cheap pumpkin decorations with tulle fabric and JoAnn ribbon. I love love love love these. Love. I smile every time I look at the patio. Thank you again, Pinterest.
AND. And, I finally purchased some burlap fabric and cheap pillow forms from JoAnn's and whipped up some outdoor pillows that I think will match our decor no matter the season. Don't look to closely at the seams though---it's definitely not my best work.
I need to look at other people's fall decorations! That is on my to-do list. I have been absolutely terrible at reading blogs lately. And blogging. But I guess there are bigger problems in life ;).  

We went to the Pumpkin Patch.

We did many other things this month, but going to the Pumpkin Patch was a definite "big event".
In all actuality, it was a terrible day. Our garage door broke down (again)--which cost us another $100 that our bank account just doesn't seem to have at the moment, which in turn led to a missed birthday party, and an on-going argument between Bryan and I that lasted well into our little outing. The camera also managed to be "missing" from the car upon our arrival, which meant another argument and another trip back home to get it. It was chilly outside, getting dark, Parker was in the beginning stages of his first cold, his coat was too big, and we gradually lost his hat, shoes, and socks amongst the pumpkins.
Yes. I know.

But now, I look at these pictures and I see this sweetest little boy, who had no clue what was going on and didn't really care either way. Instead, he gave us his cheesy, big boy grin. He made us laugh and made us realize what was really important--at least for a little while. :)
These pictures never cease to crack. me. up. Look at that little ham! He looks like he's five years old.


This is literally the only family picture that little mister is not a blur of motion. And I love it.
I hope that all of you had a wonderful Halloween with your families and friends! We are truly blessed, even if it is not always obvious to us.
Have a wonderful day!