Parker's Christmas Nursery.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hello there! Just wanted to pop in and share a few pictures of Parker's nursery all done up for Christmas. Here we go!

I know, you are all just SHOCKED that I decorated with neutrals. ;)

I did lots of fresh greenery and garlands (even though they made my hands itch like cra-zay), and my favorite white poinsettias. Love love love.
I also got a rosemary tree for the first time this year. At first, I bought Parker a fake mini tree... then I decorated it, decided I didn't like it, and swapped it out for this little cutie.
Yes, I am a fickle decorator.
I wrapped the container in some extra burlap ribbon that I already had and got that little silver star in the Target dollar spot. (best section ever!)
I made this cute cute cute little wreath with some linen that I already had. I just followed the instructions for the Nonna Wreath from Jones Design Company. I'm slightly obsessed with Emily, I pretty much think we should be friends. :)
I love this little guy. I also made a friend for him that I hung in our kitchen. Can't wait to show ya'll that too!

So that's that. Pretty simple, but I love it. I've really been looking forward to decorating Parker's room for Christmas ever since we finished it, so I'm happy that I'm happy with how it turned out :). Don't you just love when things work out like that?
Talk to you all later!


  1. Very nice! Beware though, I've heard poinsetta leaves can be toxic if ingested. I've also heard that this is only if you eat the entire plant. Just a thought if he's in the grabbing and munching stage, otherwise they're super gorgeous and I love the look of them! And don't you just adore the way the fresh romsemary topiary smells? That's a holiday favorite for me!

    1. Oh yeah! I read all about that last year when I bought them the first time. ;) I will definitely have to have a different plan when little mister is mobile! Thanks for reading!

  2. I love it! Such gorgeous, classic touches. Parker as the best nursery ever!

  3. Beautiful, time to add a beautiful quote on the wall, "I ll tickle your toes, I l check for monsters, I ll show you the stars and teach you how to reach them" :)

  4. I am due in June with my first baby and I found a picture of the above nursery on Pinterest and I love it. I was wondering what paint color you used and where teh crib is from. Thanks!


  5. This is such a gorgeous nursery! I love the neutrals and the softness. And decorated for Christmas is just lovely!


  6. Wow. So colourful decoration. It's giving the Christmas feeling. I love this . I wonder how people could get such great ideas !


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