The New Blog

Sunday, July 31, 2011

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday! We are trying to soak it up before the work week begins. Bryan is out playing golf with a friend from church and I am sitting here on the couch, watching "Waiting" (which is even funnier since I've worked in the restaurant industry), and am about to share all of my new blog updates. Lucky you.

First things first:

You may not have noticed, but the web address has changed from to I am SUPER excited about this. Like, I keep typing it in to my web browser just to prove that it's real. We have our very own domain, people.

You also may have seen the changes to the sidebar. At the top of the page, there are links to my "About Me" page, as well as a direct link to email me (thanks for the emails and questions, by the way!), and links to my Pinterest and Etsy pages. While there isn't anything currently listed on my Etsy Shop page, the goal is to change that in the near future. I'm planning to have new stationery designs up in the next month. AND I will be selling them completely printed and packaged, with envelopes (hopefully). If you are interested in seeing some of my work, click here.

Below our picture, you can find links to a few brand new galleries. I put these up so that you can see all of the recipes, tutorials, and outfits that you see here on the blog. These are currently blank pages, but should be up by the end of the week at the rate I'm working on them.

Below the Followers section, you will find links to all of my post categories. I originally had a huge category "cloud" with about 100 categories that my blog posts had been about. I've decided to simplify this with the hopes of keeping my blogging topics consistent and to make searching for posts easier for you all. From now on, all of my posts will fall into one of these categories: "Life" (which is basically any personal posts that I do), "Home" (includes all home decor and renovation projects, as well as cleaning and organizing), "Create" (DIY, craft, recipes, and tutorial posts), "Style" (all of my outfit posts and fashion obsessions), "Inspire" (all inspiration posts),  "Shop" (which links to all posts about my Etsy shop), and "Challenge". This last category is something new that I'm very happy to begin, but I will explain more of that tomorrow :).

The last bit of newness (yes, I just made up that word) on the blog is the addition of linky buttons to the link parties I participate in, the websites that I've been featured on, and all of the blogs that I read everyday. I'm still not completely done with this section, but I thought you should know just the same.

So, that's basically it! I'm pretty sure anything else that's new on the blog is pretty self explanatory. 

This week is looking like a great one for the blog. Tomorrow, I'll be sharing my first day of the 30 For 30 Challenge.  See you then!

A Little Change in Decor...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Friday, everyone. We have made it to the weekend at last. May you all have an exciting and eventful one!

I'm just stopping by to note the very random changes that you've probably noticed on the blog. Excuse the mess, broken links, and clashing colors...I am currently in the process of redesigning this thing myself. Yes, I said myself. I can't even believe I've gotten this far, and I've still got a very long ways to go. I even created the background! Holla. I swear, one can discover hidden skills about themselves every day.

I have lots of plans for this little blog....some are pretty big changes that I'm very excited about. I really want to take this to the next level, and I'm hoping you'll be along for the ride. Be prepared for more consistent posts, regular topics, an easier to navigate website, and (gasp!) my own domain. Ahhhhh so excited to make this thing legit.

I don't know what's up with my language today. I think it's the lack of sleep.

How do ya'll feel about pink and coral? Good? Sucks?

Also, can anyone tell me how to format a sidebar and category bar below my header? Those are my current issues...

On Decorating

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hellooooo friends. I am extremely excited today because I recieved my last decorating purchase for our bedroom. These amazing botanical prints were shipped all the way from England, thank you very much Ebay.

I've had a minor obsession with botanical prints for oh....a few years. Here are a few of my favorite inspiration pictures for these guys from my giant "House Ideas" folder on my computer. I don't have any of the sources...sorry!

I'm still in the process of finding matte boards that are the correct size to frame my new prints in...but haven't had any luck, so if you know of any good custom matte board websites I would be happy to hear about them.

I really do promise to post pictures of our bedroom this week, but I just haven't found the time to take pictures with all of the craziness of last weekend. Right now our bedroom looks more like a hotel room with suitcases and dirty clothes on the floor. Plus, I had a few issues with the homemade dust ruffle I whipped up, so I'm trying to take care of all of that before I take pitcures of everything.

On a random note, have you seen Dan In Real Life? I checked it out at the library yesterday (free movies from the library are great by the way), and was reminded of how much I love it. Watch it. It makes me want to live in New England and it also reminds me of my relationship with my dad when I was in high school (haha sorry about that, Dad).

Have a great Wednesday!

Two Years.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Anniversary to my best friend in the whole world. I still remember seeing you that first day of youth group (about 10 years ago) and casually thinking to my 13-year-old self, "Well, if I could marry anyone in this room, it would be him", haha! Little did I know that this simple and silly thought would actually come true! I am so thankful that God chose you for me! You are the most genuine and caring person that I know and I have loved being your wife these past two years. May our future together be filled with sweet memories, random adventures, never-ending laughter, and lots of babies.
 Love you so much.

Okay, done with the mushy. Have a great week!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Hi all. Bryan and I are in Dallas this weekend for lots of fun. I had a work event last night at the Texas Rangers game so we drove in early yesterday morning and spent the day whisked away in the world of event coordinating. Everything went great and I even got a chance to spend some time with one of my best friends from college who now lives in Arlington. (Hey Meagan!) Of course I forgot to take pictures of Bryan and I at the game...but, oh well.

Today we are heading to McKinney to meet my grandparents for lunch and then I will spend the day shopping! I cannot tell you how much I look forward to Dallas shopping. Bryan and I will also be celebrating our TWO YEAR anniversary tonight with a fancy schmancy date. I cannot believe that it has been two years since we got married....time flies. Well, actually our anniversary is on Monday, but Bryan will unfortunately be here in the DFW area for a coach's conference while I will head back to the LBK on Sunday, so we're celebrating this weekend instead!

As if that wasn't awesome enough....I got my computer fixed yesterday (can you tell?) so I will be showing off our bedroom once I get back!

Here is a little sneak peek:

I am so in love!

Have a great weekend!

30 Outfits in 30 Days.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Holla holla. I'm feeling very hip today (yes, I just used the word "hip" at the ripe old age of 23), so I felt that this greeting was necessary.

Do any of ya'll read Kendi Everyday? Well, I do, and I have to say-- she is a genius. How do you cure a twenty-three-years-and-running shopping addiction? Well, you shop your closet of course! Kendi has come up with the "30 For 30" challenge, where you pick 30 items from your closet and "remix" them for 30 days. She so graciously shared this method of saving money and rediscovering the fabulous things that you already own with the rest of blogland, and after some long, hard thought...I've decided to do it.

Yes, that means I will be taking pictures of myself and yes, that means that I will feel extremely stupid so don't make too much fun. My dreams of modeling for Limited Too were given up by the age of 11 and with good reason.

I'm going to start this challenge on August 1st. I'm already trying to figure out what I want to include in my "30 items" and am actually really excited to see how creative I can be! This has fueled so much excitement that I'm even thinking of posting a "What I Wore" post once a week, like so many other bloggers do. Maybe. We'll see. I love, love, love shopping and fashion...always have, so why not blog about it?

Here are a few new inspiration pictures from Pinterest. Yes, more Pinterest. You will look at it and you will love it, until I get my computer back. :)

Great for work:

Source: None via Katy on Pinterest

This is probably the best scarf I have ever seen.

I love the simplicity of this. And I'm pretty sure everyone and their mom is obsessed with stripes right now.

I need it to be winter so I can wear this outfit.

This necklace. There are no words.

So, does anyone else want to join me in this 30 For 30 challenge? It will be fun!!

The Random Post

Monday, July 18, 2011

Alright friends, bear with me. I am days short of getting a new battery for my computer and have so many things to post about once I get it, it's unreal. I can't wait! Until then, you will have to deal with short, sporadic posts at very inconsistent here we go:

First, you should read this. I know that everyone will appreciate this, especially teachers.

Secondly, we are done decorating our bedroom!! Painted, new bedding, new wall art, heck we even hung curtains around the windows for the first time ever! Big, big deal. Can't wait to share pictures!

As a reminder, here is one of our very beige "Before" pictures:

And the original inspiration board I made to change the room:

This has been a long time coming. Like a year. A very long year. But it's done! Well actually, it's almost done, there is still one more little DIY project I want to do, but we're done for now. More on that later.

(Here is the original post and "Before" pictures if you are interested.)

The next big project will be finishing the craft room. As you can see here, it has been cleaned out, but that's about it. I have SO many ideas for this room and can't wait to get it done so I can tackle some fun projects like this:

What a cute bracelet!

That scarf looks super easy to make.

And I'm planning on making a "wrapping station"...yo yo yo. Sorry, had to do it.

I also have many ideas for cute jewelry. Oh the fun I will have.

Also, if you haven't seen the latest (and last) Harry Potter movie, you need to. Uh-maz-ing. I might have cried. Only because I am a ridiculously huge nerd. Ah, oh well.

That's it for today!

Food Love.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For some reason my Pinterest exploded with pictures of yummy food today and I just couldn't help but pin a few (or a hundred) for myself. Here are a few tasty treats that I wanted to share with you all in the hopes that someone will make one of these and bring it to me.

(Click on the website link below the picture to view the recipe.)

Let's go by meals, shall we? For breakfast:

I literally drooled when I saw these Cinnamon Roll Pancakes. Can you say amazing? Maybe if I ever get up early enough on a Saturday morning I might whip them up.

How about this Breakfast Pizza? Cheese, eggs, bacon, bread...all good in my book.

How cute is this? I love Jones Design Company - Emily is so creative! I would love to make this and give it as gifts (or eat it all by myself).

How about these freaking amazing cinnamon rolls from Pioneer Woman? Wow. Just wow.

Ok, this doesn't technically count as breakfast, but I'm including it because I would love to wake up and eat a pound of these. And it's made with a waffle maker. You take chocolate chip cookie dough and put it in a waffle maker...genius.

On to lunch:

This link shares 30 different ways to make a grilled cheese sandwich. I appreciate this person.

Source: via Katy on Pinterest

Have you ever seen Spanglish? Well, when Adam Sandler makes this sandwich, my mouth always starts to water. Actually I've only seen it once, but my mouth watered when I saw it. Someone found the recipe and generously shared it with the world!

I love asparagus. I love cheese. I can just imagine the way this sandwich tastes and it's pure perfection.


I should have made this with my Papaw's tomatoes! I forgot and ate them all...Baked Parmesan Tomatoes.

Yum. Healthy pizza! Kidding. Zucchini Pizza.

Another zucchini dish, Stuffed Zucchini. I will be making this. Very soon.

Source: via Katy on Pinterest

Everything about this is just perfect. I love, love, love this salad. Tomato, Olive, and Fresh Mozzarella Salad with Basil Vinaigrette.


Pizza is a pretty common dinner at our house. I actually made my own version of this recipe, but couldn't upload the pictures. It was delicious however and I highly recommend it. Corn, Pesto, and Tomato Pizza.

Last night I tried to make salmon. Key word is "tried". It didn't work. Never does. I am a salmon klutz. But maybe now that I have found "37 Way to Make Salmon" via this link I will attempt it again.

Does anyone else have 18 pounds of chicken in their freezer? Well I do, but only because I don't know what to do with it. I think this dish may help solve my problem. Caprice Chicken:

Another recipe from the talented Pioneer Woman. Grilled Chicken with Lemon Basil Pasta. And I actually think I have all of the ingredients to make this. Score.

Alright, I'm officially hungry. I was going to include desserts (which is by far my favorite food group) but I'll just save that for another post.

Have a great Wednesday!

My Computer is Broken and Cleaning.

Boo, it's official. My computer is refusing to upload any more than five pictures, and also dies if I do so much as touch the power cord. It's not even my power cord, it's Bryan's, since my power cord got in a fight with my computer a few months ago and lost.
Dell is being contacted today and I've been living on Ebay to scout out a new power cord / memory thingy.

So what do I have to blog about today? Well, some very random stuff. Enjoy.

Cleaning. Those of you that read this and know me (which I'm pretty sure that is the vast minority), know that I am an obsessive compulsive clean freak. Usually. When I let it get bad, it gets BAD, but that's not too often.

Want proof? Here ya go:

Yes, that is the dresser in our bedroom. How did I manage to upload this with my broken computer? Well, it's actually part of a post from a few months ago that I never published. Yes, there are many posts that have never been secret, you know ;).

Anyway, every once in a while I let the house get pretty horrible and then I spend like 1,562 hours cleaning it in one day. Can you say miserable? I'll say it, that's pretty freaking miserable. Even when I keep the house in order, I still spend about 2-3 hours cleaning it every Saturday or Sunday. Also miserable. So, I say all of this to say that I've officially made a cleaning schedule. Because I love making schedules and I'm a nerd like that.
I've read in several articles (courtesy of StumbleUpon) that it's easiest to spread your cleaning out over the week so that the mess doesn't build up and isn't as time consuming. Well, duh. Why didn't I think of that? I think it's because I subconsciously like to make my life more dramatic and complicated.

So, I spent a little time making up a weekly and monthly cleaning schedule. I'm sure there are things that I forgot/left off, and many things that I only do once a year or so, but here is the schedule as of right now:

                                                             Weekly Cleaning Schedule

MONDAY: Clean bathrooms, bathroom floors, and baseboards

TUESDAY: Dust all surfaces and window sills, clean mirrors, water lawn

WEDNESDAY: Vacuum carpeted areas

THURSDAY: Sweep and mop wood floors, water lawn

FRIDAY: Clean kitchen, sink, range, polish appliances, dry dust all surfaces, run errands, grocery shop (if needed)

SATURDAY: De-clutter drawers, bins, surfaces, pay bills, go over bank accounts, vacuum all floors

SUNDAY: Mow front and back yard, pull weeds, sweep front and back patio, fertilize flowers, water lawn

Daily Cleaning:

1. Make bed
2. Do dishes after every meal
3. Do one load of laundry (Wash sheets once a week)
4. Wipe down bathroom counter and mirror
5. Take out trash (as needed)
6. Water flowers

Monthly Cleaning:

1. Dust blinds
2. Dust ceiling light and fans
3. Dust tops of all cabinets
4. Give Louie a bath
5. Wash bath mats
6. Clean windows
7. Sweep and organize garage
8. Clean, wash, and vacuum cars
9. Clean stove (as needed)

Now, I highly doubt that I will get all of this done every single week, but I really do feel that it will help me maintain a pretty clean home.

If you are interested, here are some of the articles I came across on how to keep your home clean and organized:
 How To Clean Your House in 20 minutes a day for 30 Days
60 Small Ways to Improve Your Life in the Next 100 Days
One Money Saving Must
The Ultimate House Cleaning Calendar

That's it for today. Oh, and just in case you wanted to know, we have finally, FINALLY got around to redoing the master bedroom. Pictures to come. When I have a working computer. Which may be never, we will see.

Happy Harry Potter Week!!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Hello. My name is Katy, and I just took a week and a half long hiatus from blogging. Baaaaaad Katy.

Where have I been, you ask? Well, let me show you.

Every summer, since I was 7, my family has made the trip to my aunt and uncle's beach house in Galveston. It is my most favorite place in the world because of all the fun we get to have together. It's the closest thing we do to a family reunion, and since we all live all over the country, it is a very special time for each of us.

It's my favorite week of the year. I love it more than Christmas (which is saying  a lot since I'm a sucker for Christmas). Get ready for a ton of makeup-less pictures....

Going out on the jet ski is a favorite of ours.

My Papaw watching from the porch.

We sleep A LOT. Especially Bryan. My husband could win an award for how many naps he snuck in this year.

And of course, we make a few trips to the beach.

Mexican Domino's is a huge tradition in our family. Hands down, favorite game. And we play every night (and I lose every night).

This year, we substituted our usual trip to Schlitterbahn with one to Moody Gardens. We went to the rainforest. It was hot. And humid. But really fun!

I have no clue who this kid is, but the otter was following cute!

We eat homemade ice cream (Bryan could also win an award for how much ice cream he eats)...

And we even made an hour drive to see our favorite niece and Bryan's family. Here is Nana and Hensley:
(Grumpy baby....cute bow!)

Sweeeeet sleeping baby:

Some of the best sunsets I've ever seen.

 Another tradition is our annual trip to The Strand, which is basically a street in downtown Galveston with a ton of good food and cute boutiques.

Love that liquor sign. HA.

 I found this Christmas ornament in one of my favorite shops. It was made for me!

Bryan and I after some great mexican food. We took about 20 of these before we got one that he didn't blink in :).

We also got a chance to go out on my uncle's boat. This is Laura's sassy face.

I love my Nanny. Here she is laughing with her sister, Jackie. Our 2nd and 3rd cousins always come down from Houston for the 4th of July.

My dad and Pawpaw making THE best meal of the year. Fried catfish and hush puppies.

 We like to drive around on the Mule. It's much better than a car, in my opinion. Disregard creeper Bryan.

This is one of the houses on their street. It has always been this way. Now that's dedicated.

Sadly, there was a fire ban this year so we couldn't shoot we found other forms of entertainment, like learning to ride my sister Laura's long board. I actually loved it! I know, that's a huge suprise.

Julie had an...interesting time learning how to ride it. Let's just say that she stayed on the ground for the rest of the night.

It's all about the small victories in life. Oh, and Julie is not wearing pants, but she IS wearing a bathing suit. Still appropriate.

Heaven on earth. And my Papaw grows these tomatoes every year. Another tradtion--probably one of my favorites. We eat them as a side--that's how good they are.

I found that Laura is making this face in about 30 pictures.



Um, I think that my Aunt Kathy has about 1,542 sand dollars around the beach house. Here are a few recent finds.

Had to get a flag picture. Happy Fourth of July!

My Dad!!

Papaw and Bryan.

I didn't notice Cindy's face until I uploaded this. Typical.

And we fish. Well, I didn't this year, but I have before.

The best Mom in the world and my baby sister.

I already miss it. Can't wait for next year!

So, that's a little peek into my life. I know you thoroughly enjoyed it.

I should also let you know that my computer has been having issues...again. I'm trying to get them sorted out, but I can't promise anything. I'm actually blogging at my office right now. Alone. We get off at 12 on Fridays....

Have a great weekend!