My name is Katy, and this is where I blog. This all began in 2010 with the name Twenty Three Oh One and has morphed into Made by Katy, a place where you can read about my home, my family, random thoughts in my head, and the things that I find beautiful and inspiring.

I live in west Texas with my husband and two sons, Parker and Hayes. I am a hopeless mini-entrepreneur with my Etsy shop (where I sell party invitations and printables), home decor and gift booth (at KK's in Lubbock), and as a crafting contributor for Joann's.

If you were my friend in real life you would probably know these things:

1. Favorite color: Green

2. Favorite movie: Pride and Prejudice....and About Time.

3. Favorite food: Anything Mexican. I could eat it every day of my life!

4. Favorite book: Redeeming Love. Also, A Thousand Splendid Suns, and more recently, The Nightingale. Oh yes, and Harry Potter. Duh.

5. Things that feed my soul: a day spent reading, diet coke, new shoes or jewelry, podcasts, movie theater popcorn, a good worship service, live music (preferably with some food and drinks), Sunday afternoons, game nights with family, date nights with my husband, anytime my boys are smiling, and good, real friendships. I also love goofy people. Oh yes, and a clean house.

6. I like to dream.

7. I'm a teensy bit sarcastic and can't handle anything too mushy.

8. I like to take risks.

9. I am an extreme night owl.

10. I am a perfectionist.

11. I struggle with many things.

12. I would love to have a big family.

13. I'm not a big hugger.

14. I dye my hair from a box every 4 weeks.

15. I am truly, truly, weird.

16. I am learning every day that Christ paid for ALL my shortcomings and ugliness.

17. I have the same News Years Resolutions every year: send out birthday cards on time, stop biting my nails, and become a morning person.

18. If I were on a deserted island and could only have one beauty product it would be hairspray. Of course. :)

19. I love to cook but am usually too tired at the end of the day and hate doing dishes. We order pizza a lot.

I'm so glad you found my place on the internet. Thank you for reading!