Costume Building And Why You Shouldn't Listen To Your Mother

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Last week Bryan built Parker his POLAR EXPRESS costume. He did an awesome job and I am so thankful that I have a husband who is excited to do stuff like this for our children.

I tried sooooooo hard to get Parker to be something else other than The Polar Express. (Ya know, since he was a train last year and since The Polar Express is for CHRISTMAS and not Halloween.)

Here are our conversations:

Me: Parker, what do you want to be for Halloween?
Parker: How about......A MONSTER TRUCK?
Me: Okay! That sounds cool!
Parker: OR......I could be....THE POLAR EXPRESS!
Me: Well, but The Polar Express is for Christmas. How about you be something else?
Parker: Okay! How about....A FIRETRUCK?
Me: Yes! That's an awesome idea.
Parker: OR.....I could be....THE POLAR EXPRESS!

(Repeat with various methods of transportation about 23 more times.)

We gave in.


100% Bryan's idea. This is the G-Rated version.

Hayes did nothing else but toot and laugh today. I mean it. I don't remember a single other thing that he did.

Good thing I have this little lady.

But back to THE POLAR EXPRESS (I always think of it in a yell because that's how Parker says it. He says it a lot, too.)

Parker wore his costume all weekend and got so many compliments. I will try and do another post on trick-or-treating for my two other children who were incredibly adorable BUT I must write this first: Parker was videoed while we were trick-or-treating and after we got home we were de-lighted to see him in the Halloween segment on the news. I laughed so hard. (Link right here.)We were so shocked and even more shocked to wake up today with the news station searching for the "mystery train conductor" on Facebook! Well, they found him thanks to a few of my friends and now they will be doing a story on Parker and his love for the Polar Express! I am totally not kidding, either. 

The local Polar Express that runs at Christmastime is letting him be a honorary conductor one night on the train, but SHHHHH! It's a surprise to Parker!

I still can't believe it. This is why you should never listen to your mother when she tells you, "Just be something else for Halloween."

(And I'm out of time....see how good I'm doing!?)

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