It's Going Fast. And Halloween (Yep!)

Friday, January 30, 2015

Hello! I am trying to come to terms with the fact that it is already the end of January. Wait. What.

Time flies after you have kids. If you want to stay young and have lots of time and energy, don't have kids. BUT if you want to have so much fun and be so exhausted and have no time but have SO much fun, then have kids. They are fun.

Alrighty….let's go right back to Halloween. If you make it through this post you are obviously a member of my family.

Parker is doing new things and being quite hilarious each and every day, but unfortunately I forget most of it. I do know though, that he is funny. He is SO TWO. Like, he is 100% two, and he tests us multiple times a day, in many ways. Sometimes he is adamant on being completely independent…actually most of the time he is adamant about that, but sometimes we still get to see the sweet little babe that he was. I love it all but am SO tired. But happy.

And this little mister…well he doesn't look like this anymore. Not in the slightest! Good grief, it makes me sad how fast they change.

Those wrinkles just kill me. Hayes has completely filled out and is quite the chunky monkey now. Still has a sweet temperament though. He is a terrible napper, but a good snuggler, and has just started laughing.

I'm trying to remember the details of Halloween but it seems like a century ago and I was extremely sleep deprived at the time so I'm not surprised that I've forgotten a lot. I do know that Parker was completely uninterested in carving pumpkins, with the exception of the minion pumpkin that I managed to freehand (He has a thing for minions--talks like them all the time…"dee doh dee doh", and all of that. I know that I am truly a mom since I think it's pretty hilarious.) We managed to venture out to school to watch his costume parade and to see that he was, quite literally, the ONLY kid (baby or big), to parade around with his paci and blankie in tow. I am quite proud to say that we nipped that thing in the bud this week though! We spent months hyping it up too much, I'm now sure. I was tired of that dang paci last week, so we just took it. No warnings, no "paci parties", or "paci fairies", or saying "we lost it"…we just stopped giving it to him. And it worked!

Now to potty train. We have tried. And tried. But he is not interested yet. One day! (Hopefully before he is 18 3.)

Let's see…we had a mishap with Hayes' costume, meaning that I had it shipped to our old address and didn't figure this out until the night before Halloween. So that was fun. Thankfully my good, good husband made two trips to our old neighborhood, thoroughly freaking out the new owner during the first trip, and then eventually talking to our old next door neighbor who was able to assure the little old lady that now lives there that Bryan was not a burglar, just a guy with a dingy wife who needed a Halloween costume.

Anyways, we got it, and Hayes was able to be the cutest little football there ever was :). Also, my hair looks really good there. I am sorry to say that postpartum hair loss has officially begun this week. I was hoping it wouldn't get me this time, but is definitely has. Bummer man! I like all that hair.

Hayes was also the only one who would pose with the pumpkins. (Two has not been the most photo-ready year for Parker…they have class pictures at school next week…Lord help them.)

Oh gosh, Parker also completely crashed right before we left for Trunk or Treat. We couldn't resist laying Mr. Hayes right next to him to get a few brother photos.

After that I believe we woke the poor child up, took him to the church where he refused to do any trunk-or-treating whatsoever, gave a few adults blank stares when they told him how cute he was, and cried while riding the Halloween train. He perked up though when we went out for pizza and gave him some diet coke. ;) I'll go ahead and consider it a success since it ended in smiles and since it was Hayes' first Halloween which made it a very sweet day in many ways. Did I mention my parents and Laura were there? So it was great. We had fun! Now on to Thanksgiving.

HELLO! Hayes is 3 Months (and 2 months also but that was last month)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Because I am an awesome blogger, here is Hayes' 2 MONTH stuff:

Weight: 13.5 pounds (91%)
Height: 24.5 inches (98%)

Milestones: Started smiling around 6 weeks! Sweet gummy smile with a little dimple by your lower lip. Also started cooing! Loves to imitate sounds. Your little eyes sparkle when you talk and smile. The best.

Sleeping: Started sleeping through the night at around 6 weeks (about 6 hours), and then you were at 7-8 hours when you were 7-8 weeks. Kind of randomly napping between feedings…I've been a horrible nap scheduler!

Eating: Still fast, eating every 3 hours. Hard to burp but you are not really a spitter which is absolutely awesome. Outgrown all newborn and are in some 3-6 month clothes.

Likes: Watching brother play, sleeping in mom and dad's bed, Christmas lights, Riding in the car, bath time. I will say you are a momma's boy, too :).

Dislikes: Being hungry. I don't know, you are truly laid back. I know, I'm lucky. Horrid case of cradle cap this month, too. You didn't like that. Oh and shots…that was traumatic.

Favorite Things About You: All the rolls! Sweet little pudgy fingers. How you always, without a doubt, sleep with your arms balled up in fists on either side of your head. 

Memories: First Thanksgiving, first trip to Colorado. First time to see Santa. Big brother says, "It's okay, honey" when you cry. He also directs me to put your paci in when you cry, too. ;) I have more written in the baby book so that will do it for the blog!

Good grief he grew last month!! Here is all the 3 month stuff:

Weight: 15.5-16 pounds
Height: 26 inches

Milestones: Don't know about too many new ones…you have definitely gotten stronger and are pretty steady holding your head up most of the time. Starting using the bumbo which you like a lot. You do giggle a bit which is adorable and always get the hiccups when you are trying to "talk".

Sleeping: Usually sleeps about 6-8 hours (11pm-6 or 7am) a night but the day you turned 3 months you slept 9.5! That was awesome! Trying to get you to nap 1.5-2 hours between feedings but you are hit and miss with long naps.

Eating: Stretching to 3-3.5 hours. Still very quick, although we have had more spit up this month!

Likes: Watching tv--you could stare at a football game for an hour. Your head whips around when big brother is in the room trying to keep up with him. Still like baths and napping with mom when we should not be sleeping :).

Dislikes: Struggling with eczema more this month. Our entire family has sensitive skin…and you are no exception. :( You are starting to not like having the car seat cover over your face for a long time.

Favorite Things About You: You are so very mellow it's a bit unreal. You kind of just sleep or sit and stare, or the best--sit and smile. You are along for the ride and so happy. You also have rolls everywhere and I am basically obsessed with them and your receding hair line.

Memories: You had your first Christmas this month and got toys from Santa (which you didn't care about obviously). I feel like G.G. held you all week which was sweet. You stayed up till midnight on New Year's and I gave you a little kiss. :) You also made a second trip to CO and flew on a plane for the first time. You were a rockstar--slept the whole time or just stared at me as I dragged us through the airport and had several emotional breakdowns. You went to a sweet friend's wedding where many wedding guests about gobbled you up. 

Whew. Done for a few more weeks!

Actually. I'm going to blog something else soon. It will happen. IT WILL.