Football Season Begins.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Last night we made the trek to Canyon, TX for the first game of the season. Parker was in awe of everything going on and we both had a blast. Some of the highlights of the evening: LHS scored 3 touchdowns in the first half, I nursed Parker in the middle of the football stadium (talk about being out in the open), the power went out so we had to evacuate until they got the lights back on, and we got to see dad down on the field for the first time! (He is usually in the press box.) We are so proud of Bryan and while we are bummed that he is gone so much right now, we are so happy that we can be included in the many things that the team does during the season.
Our trip lasted until around 2am last night (after a fun pit-stop at IHOP with some of the other wives) and I just can't seem to get going again today. Ever have those days that just "get away" from you? Yeah, that's me today. ;)
My sister and mom are driving in from CO and will be here...well, any minute. Fun Labor Day weekend ahead! is the LAST DAY of the Stella & Dot trunk show! Be sure to check it out. And enter the giveaway! I will announce the winner Monday.
Happy weekend!

Family Organization Binder

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So, lately, I have been on somewhat of an organization frenzy. One of my obsessions has revolved around the new fangled thing called a Family Organization Binder. I've been seeing it all over Pinterest and have slowly but surely been working on my own version for our family.

The basis of this idea is to have a place to put all of your important files, documents, budgets, menus, to-do lists, cleaning schedules, etc. for your family. Genius, right? I jumped on it because I think it would be pretty awesome to avoid going through a million files, folders, drawers, bins, and notebooks to find everything my family and home need to run successfully. I'm not the most organized housewife/mom on the planet (at all), so fingers crossed that this will help. ;)

A few of my favorite sites/blogs I have found to assist me in the never-ending process of putting this binder together can be found here, herehere, and here. I also used this master spring cleaning schedule as inspiration for part of the cleaning section of our binder.

I will also go ahead and say that all of these sheets and lists will be in page protectors so that I can write on them with wet-erase markers. Here are the sections of my binder (as of right now).

1. Schedules/Calendars: I put daily, monthly, and yearly goal/to-do sheets in this section along with separate monthly calendars. I also made a sheet for workout ideas since I always see them online and forget what they are 3 seconds later (that may be on purpose ;)).

2. Meals/Groceries: I have grocery lists for Sam's and United, as well as weekly menus in here. I also have some page protectors for recipes that I find and a few more to hold carry-out menus. Baseball card holders are in there as well for coupons. (Although I'm terrible at remembering to coupon.)

3. Family Information: Important documents (SS cards, birth certificates, etc.), important information, important dates and birthdays, instructions for babysitters/house sitters, vacation planners, things to do/see as a family, and files for each family member will go in this section.

3. Medical: In this section I plan on having a log to record illnesses, medications, and doctor visits, as well as a sheet with questions I want to remember to ask at the doctor's office. A small but important section ;).

4. Financial: A monthly budget will go in here, as well as a record of past monthly budgets. I want to put savings goals for various things in here as well (vacations, home renovations, etc.). I'll also stick a few page protectors in here to hold important bills that we need easy access to. Oh, and important files/account information for our bank accounts.

5. Home/Auto: This is my favorite section! Included in here will be daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly cleaning schedules (it will be a miracle if I can keep up with it though HA), a home maintenance log/checklist, auto maintenance log/checklist, a sheet to write all of our house projects/ ideas on, and a few (hundred) page protectors to store my many magazine tear-outs. Oh, and I want to put important documents that pertain to our house and cars in here too.

6. Contacts: Phone numbers, addresses, and emails for all of our family members and friends, as well as for our doctors, dentists, pharmacy, various repairmen, hair stylists, banks, church, etc. I will also keep our mailing list for Christmas cards in here too. AND baseball card holders for the many business cards I collect.

7. Twenty Three Oh One: This is all things for my Etsy shop and of course, the blog. I want to put a to-list for the shop and one for the blog, blog idea sheet, design idea sheet, timeline, calendars, important contacts, inspiration photos, and account information for my Blogger, Paypal, Etsy, and Goodsie accounts. I will also put a business budget, order and payment tracker, and buyer email list in here.

So yeah, this is me trying to be Super Mom. ;)
If I manage to get this done by Christmas, it will be a complete MIRACLE. That being said, once I do get it all together, I really think it will be SO great for our household. I'm about 1/3 of the way finished, as of today (traveling all the time is not really condusive to completing this project haha). Writing this post has re-motivated me to power through! I SO hope that I will be sharing completed photos and details of our binder in the near future.
Do you have anything like this for your family? What are some great tips that you can share on how you keep your household up and running?

Little Moments.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just wanted to drop in one last time while we are on the last leg of our "Tour de Parker".
Soaking up those little moments with precious family members. It doesn't get any better than this, in my opinion.
Hope you all are having wonderful weeks. Enjoy your families!

Last Call: Stella & Dot

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hey, hey!!

We are still loving life on the road, but can't wait to get home to daddy at the end of this week. I am very proud to say that Parker conquered another TEN hour road trip today from Georgia back to Louisiana. AND he laughed for the first time. I am one happy momma.

ALSO....thank you for the new book recs! Definitely have Gone Girl up next on my list--I've heard about that one a lot. ;) You guys are so great to me! Now back to my reasoning for this post....

I wanted to entice you all with a few pretty pictures from the one and only Stella & Dot today.

I am loving these Lindsay Bangles--perfect for stacking.

And I'm thinking I could wear these Felicity Hoops every day of the week. (Don't you just love when you find a piece of jewelry like that?)

And hello! I think this Bahari Necklace just became a necessity in my book. Can you say "Statement"?

What are YOUR favorite pieces from Stella & Dot?


Just a happy reminder: The Stella & Dot trunk show is open through the month of August so head on over and shop your little heart out!

Also, enter to win the stunning Leona Necklace by leaving a comment HERE. Giveaway will be open until August 31st!

Have a wonderful day, ya'll!

My Book List.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hey, everyone! I'm blogging from the beautiful Winder, Georgia right now and just wanted to drop by and fill you in on the books that I for some crazy reason am trying to read all at once.

I try and tell myself that I am a master multitasker, but really, I'm none of these are completely finished, but I like them all just the same.

I've already read half of this book in two nights (which a a VERY big deal when you have a 3-month-old) and am loving it. It's pretty much about raising your children to be encouraged, not spoiled, and has a ton of interesting info. regarding birth order.

This book makes you think. My sister (who is an Art Therapy major) told me about it so I decided to give it a try. The author talks a lot about using the right-side of your brain to evoke creativity. To sum it up-- he basically proves that right-brainers rule the world :).

I haven't started this one yet, but I hear it's great. Lately, I feel like I've been on a "discovering myself" kick--you know, what makes me happy, what I genuinely like to do, what makes me feel the most creative--so reading this seemed like a no-brainer. I'm excited to get started!


The main reason for this post is this: I want to know what YOU are reading!

I'm always on the hunt for good books--fiction, non-fiction, self improvement, name it, I will probably like it. I'm obviously lacking in the fiction department right now....maybe a few recs in that area?

Have a wonderful weekend!

A Little Snapshot.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We have been traveling fools lately. Last week, we were in CO with my family....then we ventured home for a few days, and now I am blogging from Louisiana. Tomorrow we drive to Georgia. Just typing that makes me tired. ;)

Parker has been busy being his sweet self. Sucking on his hands (he really believes that one day, he will finally accompish the task of eating them), attempting tummy time (sometimes unsuccessfully), and basically being the cutest thing on the planet to his many relatives and friends.

Summer is coming to a close. We are excited for fall and a change in pace but are so blessed with all of the fun we have been having these past few months.


What are your favorite memories from Summer 2012? Are you ready for a change in season?

P.S. Don't forget to stop by the Stella & Dot trunk show and enter the giveaway! Open the entire month of August. :)

What's Your Mom Style?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Alright, we're doing two fashion posts this week. As you all know, I love a good girly outfit. Heels, layered tops, skirts, big name it, I basically love to be uncomfortable. ;)

Unfortunately, that doesn't work out too well for my current lifestyle: The Mom Lifestyle. Working for two years in an office job does not a mama wardrobe make, so I'm venturing out to the mall today to find some new staples.

These days, you are more likely to find me in my pj's or---if you're lucky--a pair of running shorts and a t-shirt... complete with however my hair looked when I rolled out of bed. (This excludes girls nights, date nights, and church--give me a little credit, now!)


I'm thinking comfy. Comfy so that I'll actually take the time to put these clothes on everyday. But still cute. I don't plan on "letting myself go" at 24! That would be pathetic. Tempting, but pathetic. 

Source: via Stacy on Pinterest

So I ask you, what is your Mom Style? I need some help here.

Thanks in advance, friends! Have an awesome day. :)

Pretty Pictures.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Source: via Katy on Pinterest
Source: via Katy on Pinterest

Today is one of those days where I have a lot of inspiration bouncing around in my head. These are just a few of the styles and rooms that have been inspiring me lately, so I thought I'd share. Well, that and I thought you would enjoy some pretty pictures :).

 I'm feeling a need to spruce things up around the house. Ch-ch-change is a good thang!

What has been inspiring you lately? Any house projects planned?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Styled: Pretty Prep

Monday, August 6, 2012

For many girls out there, the first day of school is coming up, which of course, (at least to me) means one thing: new clothes! (Forget the tests, homework, and long study hours; this girl knows what's really important.) I always loved the traditional "back to school" shopping trip each year, and am a little bummed that I can't ever take part in that again....SO in honor of those years that have passed, I came up with what I would wear on the first day of school this year...if I could. :)

Seriously a dream outfit. And that top? It's called the Parker Top. And to quote the website, is "The BEST name a boy or girl could be given." I have to agree.

How many of you are still in school? Do you still plan out your outfits for that first day? What is your perfect "First Day of School" outfit?

P.S. Don't forget to stop by and shop the Stella & Dot trunk show and enter the giveaway! Open until August 31st.

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If You Really Knew Me...

Friday, August 3, 2012

Yep. I'm jumping on the bandwagon! I've been a bandwagon fool lately. Here's what you would know if you really, I mean really, knew me....

Soaking up the summer in Galveston (with Mr. Parker) and San Diego (with Mr. Hubs).

If you really knew me, you would know that I am always late. To literally everything. Yes, I am that girl.

If you really knew me, you would know that I have cried after every single one of those Olympic P&G commercials. Apparently motherhood has made me a complete sap.

If you really knew me, you would know that I am always in search of one of these three things : my phone, my keys, or my sunglasses. I have currently been missing my keys for a month now. *sighs*

If you really knew me, you would know that I am 5'9'' tall and am fascinated to find out how tall other people that I only see in pictures or on television screens really are.

If you really knew me, you would know that I love church camp, fish fries, fall and winter clothes, sushi rolls, mexican food, a clean house, and a completed to-do list.

You would know that I love Sonic diet cokes, you would know that my favorite day of the week is Sunday, my favorite dessert is chocolate chip cookies, my favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice, and my favorite book is A Thousand Splendid Suns.

If you really knew me, you would know that every time I say, "I'm doing good!", I always mentally correct it to, "I'm doing well!" but never say it out loud. Every. single. time.

You would know that I am very hot-headed and always overreact to problems right when I find out about them. I'm also very sarcastic but only to those who know me really well. ;)

You would know that I am NOT a hugger/mushy/sappy person with certain people but totally am with others. And I like all of these people the same. It's weird. I think I have multiple-personality disorder.

You would know that I am a hypochondriac. Bad.

If you really knew me, you would know that if I could have anything in the world it would be to live closer to my family.

You would know that I am an obsessive planner. I've been planning Parker's first Halloween costume and first birthday party since before he was made. I'm being serious, too, which is a teensy bit pathetic. ;)

You would know that I get offended when people don't include exclamation marks and emoticons in their text messages. Bryan and I have had many a "conversation" about this.

If you really knew me, you would know that I look up to my nanny, my mother, Bryan, my dad, and my mother-in-law for their many different strengths. I dream of combining them and becoming the best person ever! (You think I'm joking....but I'm kind of not :))


So, do I have any quirks in common with you all? Hop on the bandwagon with me! What would I find out if I really knew YOU?

Have a wonderful weekend!
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Breakfast Obsession: The Yogurt Mess

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Thursday, everyone! It's almost the weekend, ya'll, and I'm am excited about that! I have lunch today, a movie night tonight, a birthday dinner tomorrow night, and then Parker and I are headed to Denver (again) to visit my family for all of next week. SO pumped to head home!

I have approximately 15 minutes to write this post. Just thought you should know....since I tend to take my time writing posts. ;)

Have you ever become so obsessed with a certain meal or type of food that it's all you can think about? I am SO going through one of those phases right now--and it just happens to run into the best meal of the day: Breakfast! I love breakfast, but was getting so bored with the usual bowl of oatmeal or yogurt or shredded wheat (or Lucky Charms....). After reading Peas and Crayons, I came across an idea that I feel stupid for never discovering before: The Yogurt Mess. It's basically a parfait. And basically full of pure perfection.

What all is in this bowl of goodness?

-Plain Greek Yogurt
-Kashi Go Lean Honey Almond Flax (this stuff is awesome!)
-Fiber One Bran Cereal (I love that weird?)
-A zillion strawberry slices
-Half of a Truvia packet (darn you, sweet tooth)

Ya'll, I am actually EXCITED to get up in the morning so I can eat this. That is a huge deal in my book. Tomorrow I'm thinking of going a little crazy and mixing the yogurt with a bit of Nutella. Oh, the possibilites!

Have you ever become obsessed with a certain meal? What is/was it? (recipes, please!) How do you go about finding new recipes?

Have a great day! (Finishing in 21 minutes...always late!)

P.S. Don't forget to head on over to the Stella & Dot trunk show and enter the giveaway!

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Stella & Dot Trunk Show and Giveaway!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hi, friends! Today, I am very excited to share an awesome shopping opportunity from the one and only Stella & Dot! If you don't already know, Stella & Dot is one of the most popular accessory brands out there whose designs are always on trend and have accessorized countless celebrities and fashion bloggers. If you want a quality peice of jewelry that is bold, stylish, and can be worn for years to come, you need to run (ahem, click) on over to check out Stella & Dot!

A few weeks ago, I met Catelyn Penick, a very sweet and knowledgeable independent stylist for Stella & Dot. We quickly agreed to host a trunk show for all of my readers, which will be going on the entire month of August!

Before you head on over to the show, I wanted to share just a few of my faves to get you all inspired. Now, I (seriously) spent the last hour trying to pick out my favorites from the site, and had a really hard time! Everything is SO beautiful and can be worn with a variety of outfits and styles. There is also a great range in prices, so you can find something to accent your personal style regardless of your budget! Here are a few of the items that I just couldn't stop thinking about:

Up first is this stunning Zahara Bib Necklace. I'm a sucker for bib necklaces!

I could seriously wear these Garden Party Chandelier Earrings everyday.

I'm pretty sure I've seen this Renegade Cluster Bracelet on a ba-zillion celebs. So very versatile!

And who could not fall in love with this new Olivia Bib Necklace? The perfect statement piece!

Or what about this dainty and classic Pippa Necklace? A great layering piece, but beautiful all by itself as well.


As I've said before, the trunk show will begin today and will last through August 31st. All purchases will be shipped right away for a flat fee of $5.95 no matter what you choose to order.

AND, since you all are SO amazing, Stella & Dot will be giving away their beautiful and bold Leona Necklace to one lucky reader!

Talk about a statement piece! This necklace features a one-of-a-kind Labradorite stone and has been seen in Lucky Magazine. I'm a little obsessed with this one and may end up getting it for myself as well. Can you imagine the amount of outfits that this beauty could go with? The possiblities are truly endless.

To Enter:

In order to enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below! For an additional entry, you can make a purchase at the online trunk show and leave another comment telling me what you bought!! Easy peasy, right?

The giveaway will be open until August 31st at 10:00pm (central time). I will announce the winner on September 1st so please stay tuned! Winner will be drawn at random via If you have any questions regarding the trunk show or giveaway, email me at


P.S. I would LOVE if you all would follow Twenty Three Oh One on Twitter! I have just opened up an account (I know, I know....I am the last person on this bandwagon) and would love to have some friends. Pretty please? Let's see how good I am at this Twitter thing.... ;)
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