What's Your Mom Style?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Alright, we're doing two fashion posts this week. As you all know, I love a good girly outfit. Heels, layered tops, skirts, big jewelry...you name it, I basically love to be uncomfortable. ;)

Unfortunately, that doesn't work out too well for my current lifestyle: The Mom Lifestyle. Working for two years in an office job does not a mama wardrobe make, so I'm venturing out to the mall today to find some new staples.

These days, you are more likely to find me in my pj's or---if you're lucky--a pair of running shorts and a t-shirt... complete with however my hair looked when I rolled out of bed. (This excludes girls nights, date nights, and church--give me a little credit, now!)


I'm thinking comfy. Comfy so that I'll actually take the time to put these clothes on everyday. But still cute. I don't plan on "letting myself go" at 24! That would be pathetic. Tempting, but pathetic. 

Source: tumblr.com via Stacy on Pinterest

So I ask you, what is your Mom Style? I need some help here.

Thanks in advance, friends! Have an awesome day. :)


  1. We have a JCrew and Banana outlet right by our house. So, I live in their basics! Maxi dresses, vneck tees, shorts, etc. and maybe a cute necklace or earrings when I'm feeling frisky ;)

    But like you said, most days I'm lucky to get out of PJ's!

  2. I'm loving all of this, especially transitioning into the fall. I SO want a pair of colored skinny jeans but I think I missed the boat on a mint or coral pair. So maybe the mustard is the way to go?

  3. I'm usually a jeans/cute top, summer dress, and cute sandals mom. I pick things out according to how easy it is to nurse in :)
    Now, if I stay home (no errands/outings) then I'm in yoga pants and shirt and some days just PJs, which I hate because I feel so sloppy all day! But sometimes you just don't have time to change :)

    Love your blog by the way!!


  4. Jewelry is my go-to to dress something up! It is very easy to get stuck in a rut after baby and just being home all day! I try really hard to take a shower and do my hair everyday! Even if I don't get to wash it I still try to style it. Also I found a tinted moisturizer that I love and wear that every day, curl my eye lashes and put on mascara. It makes me feel prettier even if it is just me and two toddlers around! Happy shopping!

  5. Love this. I've been trying to find clothes that are cute yet functional. I usually wear skinny jeans with a cute shirt that is of course nursing friendly. Mila has learned how to pull my dresses down, so I can only wear something with straps now. :)

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  7. New to your blog, I am a momma of two boys and I feel you! It is so hard to maintain a fun style when my day involves the playground and grocery store. But if I don't get dressed, I just don't feel right. I accessorize with a lot of scarves and earrings and love casual dresses with cowboy boots!

  8. Can I just say... that first picture just reminds me... "MY TEETH ARE FUZZY!" Love you girl.

  9. You are fashion! I like this mom style!

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  12. Long-sleeved tees and skinny jeans are always evergreen Katy :)

    Simple, yet sweet ;)


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