Last Call: Stella & Dot

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hey, hey!!

We are still loving life on the road, but can't wait to get home to daddy at the end of this week. I am very proud to say that Parker conquered another TEN hour road trip today from Georgia back to Louisiana. AND he laughed for the first time. I am one happy momma.

ALSO....thank you for the new book recs! Definitely have Gone Girl up next on my list--I've heard about that one a lot. ;) You guys are so great to me! Now back to my reasoning for this post....

I wanted to entice you all with a few pretty pictures from the one and only Stella & Dot today.

I am loving these Lindsay Bangles--perfect for stacking.

And I'm thinking I could wear these Felicity Hoops every day of the week. (Don't you just love when you find a piece of jewelry like that?)

And hello! I think this Bahari Necklace just became a necessity in my book. Can you say "Statement"?

What are YOUR favorite pieces from Stella & Dot?


Just a happy reminder: The Stella & Dot trunk show is open through the month of August so head on over and shop your little heart out!

Also, enter to win the stunning Leona Necklace by leaving a comment HERE. Giveaway will be open until August 31st!

Have a wonderful day, ya'll!


  1. Hi Katy! I am new to your blog and found you from Michaela's blog. I'm a Texas girl too and excited to read more! It is nice to "meet" you!

  2. You are adorable!! Im loving your blog!! Newest follower!!! Cant wait to read more from ya!:)


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