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Monday, August 6, 2012

For many girls out there, the first day of school is coming up, which of course, (at least to me) means one thing: new clothes! (Forget the tests, homework, and long study hours; this girl knows what's really important.) I always loved the traditional "back to school" shopping trip each year, and am a little bummed that I can't ever take part in that again....SO in honor of those years that have passed, I came up with what I would wear on the first day of school this year...if I could. :)

Seriously a dream outfit. And that top? It's called the Parker Top. And to quote the website, is "The BEST name a boy or girl could be given." I have to agree.

How many of you are still in school? Do you still plan out your outfits for that first day? What is your perfect "First Day of School" outfit?

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  1. Yes, I am still in school but no, I never wear cute clothes to class. It's sad really... I wore a uniform from preschool to my senior year in high school and then I go to college where I get to wear real clothes yet I opt for t-shirts and nike shorts. Blah... maybe this year will be THE year it all changes! Hehe... but this outfit is ADORABLE!

  2. I finished my A-levels this year and I'm going to another college next year before I go off to Uni. First day of college I planned my outfitted, but it definitely wasn't my dream outfit. But I kind of realised throughout being at college that I shouldn't try too hard on the first day because then I have to dress that well for the rest of the year because there are days I just couldn't be bothered making an effort. But next year I plan on wearing more clothes than I love, as long as they are still practical !
    Also I love the shirt, the colour, the pattern, it's just amazing!

  3. Such a cute outfit! I miss the days of "back to school" shopping and the butterflies of seeing what that year held! :)

  4. Too funny! Love the outfit too :)

  5. I'm not in school anymore but I remember how much I loved planning my first day back to school outfit! I miss those days :)

    Lovely outfit!

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