Not Quite Christmas

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

My children have a mother who is overly obsessed with Christmas. I've only cheated ONCE so far this year and listened to Christmas music before Halloween. It was on Saturday, when me and Parker ventured out to a Christmas specialty store to find some stocking and maybe some trains (we didn't have any luck, but ate some delicious truffles and cupcakes). 

Anyways--it's November 1st, WHICH MEANS I can listen to Christmas music guilt-free (although Bryan disagrees...bah humbug). 

Today I had the "my tunes" on while me and Lillie Mae got the boys from school. I commented to Parker that it was November 1st along with the statement above. He just kind of looked at me and moved on to more important things ("Mom, I want to go the train park after Sonic."), but later on after we got home he asked if we were allowed to watch a Christmas movie since it is almost Christmas time. As you would guess....I agreed! We watched Curious George Christmas and then I had an idea: we are starting a new tradition. 

Since I'm technically still a "Christmas crazy" until after Thanksgiving, I think we will start calling November 1st "Not Quite Christmas". 

Activities involved: 

1. Listen to unlimited amounts of Christmas music
2. Watch a Christmas movie with hot chocolate in our Polar Express mugs (and apparently popcorn because we just have to have it)
3. Make gift lists for Santa and family (This is mostly because I like to get all of the shopping done before December 1st....I am such a smart mother. ;)
4. Read a Christmas book before bed.

This is exactly what we did tonight. Guilt free. It was awesome!

Now we can get back to good old Thanksgiving.

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