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Monday, October 24, 2016

Lillie Mae this morning. (She is a mini Parker by the way.)

Hayes took a walk on a "tightrope" this afternoon. Took him 15 minutes. My patience has increased exponentially since having children.

We had family movie night tonight with my favorite popcorn bowls, Whirly Pop popcorn, and hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows. We watched Beauty and the Beast. Lillie's choice. Parker does not like this movie, but it wasn't his night to pick. (Lillie's choice night is basically Mom and Dad's choice night, BTW.)

More of Hayes on our never-ending walk. He is terribly good at being two-years-old.

Arms full of sweetness. Also got some new Fabletics tights in the mail today that I LOVE. 

Lillie yesterday after church. Obviously unhappy but still very cute! My mom got her this little dress and had it monogrammed. I was trying to get a picture of the monogrammed part and had zero luck.

Haysie being the sweetest big brother with those pouty lips.

Last week right before she puked all over that outfit.

This is my life at 2:00am these days. HEY MOM, I KNOW I SLEPT ALL DAY BUT LET'S PARTY RIGHT NOW! SO AWAKE!

I was looking at her precious profile and needed to document it. I mean....perfection (this is during prime party time).

She told me she was a Tech fan. I told her that was fine as long as I could dress her up as a cheerleader. My mom found the smocked dress...I MEAN. 

Parker's super strange smile but proof that he is very, very good at the Etch A Sketch. He can draw trains like no one's business. Good-NESS this child is smart and cute.

This is on Hayes's 2nd birthday week before last. :) Sam's club donut holes are delicious, by the way.

Parker is officially an asthmatic. Poor bud. We are inhaler-ed up and it cost us a whole 
month of college savings. Have I mentioned we live at the doctor's office these days?

My children love bubble baths at their Grammy's house. And I think I am grossed out every time they drink "booty juice". No one needs to see that, Hayes. 

Things we are doing this week:

1. Making Halloween costumes
2. Finishing MOPS craft
3. Kecia' birthday dinner
4. Carving pumpkins
5. MOPS craft meeting
6. Corn Maize
7. Moonlight Masquerade at church
8. Making mummy cookies and Halloween cupcakes for our "Boo Bags", for our friends at school, and just for us to eat. ;)

That doesn't look like a lot to a normal person but to a Mom it looks like a really good nap once it's all over. I'm so thankful I get to do this, though!

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