One Good Halloween...

Friday, November 4, 2016



A Costume Parade:

The Conductor.

His class.

No two-year-old, because I forgot.


The only photo I took at the Corn Maze:


A Halloween Carnival at church:

Two monkeys names Hayes. No kidding!


Buddies. "CHEESE!"

Food Trucks. And chips. 

(Hayes says chips backwards and it sounds like B****. We cannot help but laugh. He loves chips.)


October 31st:

Pizza at Grammy and Bee's pre-trick-or-treat.

One conductor. 

One cotton candy.

One grumpy Curious George.


Lots of kids. Lots of candy. Fun with Aunt Abby. 

(The two-year-old had screamed his way back to The Sienna (mini-van) by this time.)

One cool kid who was very proud of his costume and the general awesome-ness of the evening.

So tired but having fun!

The recovering two-year-old with the pro trick-or-treater. I saw them sitting together and ran Lillie over for a photo....the only one with all three of my kiddos.

Three is a lot. Halloween is fun. Good night!  

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