Our Christmas Tree and Bedroom.

Monday, December 17, 2012

I can't start off this post like I normally do. We all know why. I'm sure most all of you shared my tears on Friday and throughout the weekend. My heart is broken for those in Newtown. Becoming a parent has really brought it home personally, and all I could think while watching the death toll rise was "Those poor mamas."
On Friday morning, heaven gained 20 little angels, as well as those teachers and administrators who fought to protect them. As the wife of a teacher and coach, I know how much those teachers cared for their kids, how they thought of them all day long, and how they felt it was their duty to not only protect them, but to raise them to be good and responsible people in our corrupt world.
My youth minister's wife gave me chills and a little bit of peace on Friday when she posted this on Facebook (hope you don't mind me using this, Kristi!)
"I just kept thinking about the parents who have lost their children in CT and all over the world, not just yesterday but ever. May God wrap HIS arms around you. HE will have a special entrance into heaven for you...so you don't have to wait in line! You can RUN to see your babies again."
Writing a post on Christmas decorations is so trivial and silly after all that has happened, BUT I know that looking at pretty pictures always makes me a bit happier, even if it's just for a moment, so I hope these do the same for you, too.
Let's just all agree that pretty pictures and Christmas decorations are absolutely NOTHING compared to the joy of spending Christmas with our families. Nothing at all.
With all of that said, here are a few pictures of our Christmas tree and our bedroom....
Here is a little peak at our Christmas living room, new paint color and all. It makes me happy. 
I should preface this by saying that I pulled the toys, blankets, and diapers that were lying on the floor into the dining room before taking this pictures. That's how I roll :).
As usual, our tree is the focal point in our home. Most everything is the same as it was last year, except for the biggie--the star! I picked that up at a JoAnn's summer clearence sale. I think it's supposed to hang on a wall in a garden or something. We (Bryan) rigged it with a wire coat hanger and stuck it on the tree instead.
The lights are on 95% of the time, which I also love. There is something about twinkle lights that is just so downright cheery and comforting.
I picked up our tree at Target 2 years ago if anyone wants to know. They still have it--it's the 7.5 foot pre-lit slim Virginia pine. It's pretty amazing because it has a bunch of texture in it and some pinecones. And who doesn't love a good pinecone?
I also mixed it up this year by adding some burlap ribbon and a bunch of curly willow branches. I'm obsessed with the curly willow branches. I  kind of knocked it off of Lauren Leiss's tree that was in BHG two years ago (Although the branches in hers were huge and awesome.) And of course, the mix of natural and glitter is still present this year, with green apples, feathers, metal snowflakes, glittery branches, and classic glass ball ornaments.
I can't show you tree pictures without showing a few at nighttime---when the whole thing glows!
Can you spot Parker's first Christmas ornament?
In our bedroom, I threw together simple vignettes on the two dressers--one with a fake magnolia leaf wreath that my mom gave me. I have no clue why she wanted to get rid of it---I feel like I've seen magnolia leaves everywhere this season. This is also the only decoration with a bit of red on it in the whole house!
I got little Rudolph at TJ Maxx after Christmas last year for like $3. I know Crate and Barrel or Pottery Barn or somewhere fancy like that had the same ones for way more, so I felt pretty bargain savvy. :) I also put some extra ornaments in a wooden bread tray with a few sprigs of fresh greenery.
And on our big dresser, I filled one corner with more greenery and a pretty poinsettia. Perfection.

Well, that's about it. Hug your kiddos and husbands, mom, dads, friends, whoever! Merry Christmas and have a wonderful Monday!


  1. I love your new piant color and Christmas decor. It is so elegant looking. Also, you had mentioned a while back that you would show your what you did for a new bed after you moved your other one in the guest room. I would love to see as your master bedroom is one of my favorite rooms.

  2. Loving the tree...so cute. And feeling your sorrow on the tragedy...it's just so hard to believe 20 innocent babies were taken from this world.

  3. Looks absolutely gorgeous and it's very neat !

  4. Reported so elegant. In addition, the other one from the Guest Room after moving a new bed, you know what I did to show you that moment again noted. I want to be able to see your master bedroom is one of my favourite rooms too.

  5. So gorgeous. I love the way you have matched all these colours. Looks so colourful and it gives the feeling “Christmas”.

  6. I love the unique way this Christmas tree has been decorated. It has a magical effect when it glows, takes you back in time to a different world.

  7. The tree looks absolutely gorgeous, it looks messy and cute at a glance. Doesn't look empty at all and so full of the Christmas character! lovely!

  8. A nice theme you have selected, I like it very much. But I think if you add more red ornaments it would be more nice.

  9. I love the Golden colour tree. Why shouldn’t I find this post before the Christmas! Anyway, next time for sure I’m going to follow this.

  10. Wow yours Christmas tree look awesome. Actually I love it. I hope to create like this Christmas tree for next Christmas. I think you are so creative. Keep it up.

  11. The tree looks great with twinkly lights, gave me a lot of ideas about how to plan my next Christmas. Hope Santa left some gifts.

  12. well, absolutely lovely would be the least I could say!

  13. I bet Santa would be absolutely delighted to see such a beautiful place!

  14. Was just thinking about you! Where have you gone?!


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