Our Fall Patio Decor

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I thought I would share our outside fall decor before it's too late and I've already put up our Christmas decor. (which  I am soooooooo excited about!)
I spruced up a wreath that I made about 2 years ago with a burlap ribbon from last year's Christmas wreath and some fake fruit that my crafty mom gave me. Thank the Lord for hot glue guns.
I made some cute, easy, and most importantly, cheap pumpkin decorations with tulle fabric and JoAnn ribbon. I love love love love these. Love. I smile every time I look at the patio. Thank you again, Pinterest.
AND. And, I finally purchased some burlap fabric and cheap pillow forms from JoAnn's and whipped up some outdoor pillows that I think will match our decor no matter the season. Don't look to closely at the seams though---it's definitely not my best work.
I need to look at other people's fall decorations! That is on my to-do list. I have been absolutely terrible at reading blogs lately. And blogging. But I guess there are bigger problems in life ;).  


  1. It's gorgeous! Wow! Come do mine!

  2. Envious of your potted plants.. only because here in WI everything is gone. It is getting cold here. It looks very pretty and inviting. I love it all.

  3. Everything is SO beautiful! Really love your pumpkins!

  4. Simply gorgeous!! So envious of your impeccable style and taste! You never miss the mark! :)

  5. How do you curl your ribbons so perfectly?

  6. oh my gosh. I love it. So inspiring!


    Danielle Faith

  7. You have marched everything perfectly. Colours look very beautiful.

  8. Wow. This is so much creativity and so colourful. Its looks really amazing. Love it.

  9. Lovely floral wreath and it has even got fruits on it, shaped to perfection, looking really great!


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