A Wish List for Parker

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Parker has no clue that he has a "Fall Wish List" and will probably be embarrassed one day that he ever did, but since he can't defend himself (insert evil laugh here), I've made a list of a few of my must-haves for Parker this fall. I am super pumped to be moving on to fall and winter clothes. I'm actually not a huge fan of summer clothing, especially for little kids...it's hard to make them look stylish when it's too freakin' hot to wear anything but a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. Thank you fall for letting us layer! 

(I must admit--I have just ordered most of these items, and many others that aren't shown on this list, last week during all of the Labor Day hoop-lah...so I guess this is my "pre-Labor Day" wish list...just being honest!)

1. Dressy sweaters. Love this one from H&M. We have gotten him several, as well as a few casual ones from the Gap.
2. The poor kid (in his dad's opinion) now has colored pants... which I love! These will really spruce up all of his outfits for church and general everyday wear. 
3. Parker's fall/winter wardrobe will mostly consist of a bunch of plain, long sleeved tees...I love stripes and raglans! These are from Old Navy.
4. My mom just got him these sneakers. I am a teensy bit obsessed with them. Gap Kids!
5. Every kid needs some shades. When Parker wears sunglasses, we always say "Cooool Dude!" like big nerds. It's fun being that cool though. 
6. Colored khakis! Yep. Got 'em.
7. JCPenney has shocked me with the level of cuteness in their Joe Fresh line. LOVE these shirts and many other items in this collection!
8. P didn't have a denim shirt yet, so of course he needed one ;). Goes great layered or by itself!

I have to say, even if my little man didn't have all of these stylish clothes, he would still be the cutest kid around in my book. Just saying. 

So moms out there, where have you found the best deals for your little ones? 

Have a wonderful weekend. I'm hoping you are not noticing that I am a day late with this post :). I got half-way through Friday before I realized that this post was only half-way written! Thanks for reading.


  1. Love it all!! I may copy some stuff for my son! I love those glasses, too cute!!

  2. I am a huge fan of Gap and Carter's for Noah. I find with their constant sales I can always find good deals! I too can't wait for fall and for him to wear all the new clothes I got him!

    1. I love Carter's a lot too, we tend to get a lot of basics there, they are great quality!

  3. Parker is such a stylish little dude! I have been buying a lot of Reagan's clothes on Zulily lately. And by clothes I mean shoes, haha. She's already in a toddler 8 and now she needs warm shoes. I hate spending more than $10 on shoes for her (ok, not that that's stopped me...) so some of these Zulily deals have been perfect. She's going to need so many warm clothes soon, I may hit up some second hand places too. (And by that I mean I'm going to spent ALL THE MONEY at Target.)

    1. Ah, I always forget about Zulily and I shouldn't! I was obsessed with it when I was pregnant...I'm sure that would be a great place to get good deals on clothes and shoes. I feel your pain, Parker just went through a pair of shoes that only fit for 3 weeks! I love consignment stores, but Target is always a safe fallback :) (Although their girl selection is so much better than the boys...)

  4. I got Cooper that denim shirt from Old Navy and it is even cuter in person! Don't worry, we are wearing colored jeans this fall too. Parker's gonna be stylin'! :)

    1. Yes! We just got that shirt in the mail on Friday. I love it! I have always loved colored jeans for little boys (well, since they've been in style) but my husband is SO anti-anything trendy! Seriously, he's a coach so he lives in athletic shorts and t-shirts....I try to change him, but it doesn't work ;)


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