Momma Must-Haves: Part One

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello, hello! Today I thought I would share a few of me and Parker's favorite things that we use ALL the time. It's funny to think about what I thought that I would be using when I was still pregnant and what I actually use (and l-o-v-e) now that Mr. P is here. :) Here are my top must-haves (as of right now):


1. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets: We use these all day every day! They are breatheable but warm, which is so perfect for when Parker tries to pull them over his head while he sleeps (a favorite pastime of his). They are also great to cover the car seat with when we are out and about since P still gets plenty of air. AND they're cute as all get out. Win win.

2. Equate Infants' Gas Relief: I got this as a shower gift from a mother who swore it was the best gas medicine out there--and I have to agree! P gets a little (a lot) gassy and this stuff does the trick. His toots are like a grown man--no exaggeration! He also likes the way it tastes, which is a bonus.

3. Baby Trend Snap N Go: I use this basically anytime we go anywhere. I have yet to use his fancy stroller mostly because the Snap N Go is so easy to get out and....go.

4. Gilligan & OMalley Nursing Bras: Okay, this one has nothing to do with Parker, but I couldn't resist. I LOVE these things! They are easy to use (no snapping or clipping) and very comfortable.

5. Baby Hair Lotion: My mother-in-law introduced me to this stuff. This is the pinnacle of the "baby smell" that we are all so obsessed with. I just rub some of this in P's hair and he smells like heaven! 

6. Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather: We have a big bathtub for Parker, but he's a little small for it right now, so my mom went out and found this amazing little bath chair for pretty cheap. Parker loves to lounge during his bath time now! It even travels very nicely since it folds flat--perfect for a suitcase.

7. Nap Nanny Chill: I jumped on the Nap Nanny bandwagon and will never look back! Parker sleeps better in this than he does in almost any other place. I was skeptical at first after a friend urged me to go buy one--at $130 they are not cheap--but I have to say that 6 1/2  hours of straight sleep in those first few months is pretty priceless.

8. The First Years Sounds for Silence Premium Sound Machine: I love this because it has many different options for sounds (although some are a little annoying), and you can plug your iPod into it. Our favorite sounds like a womb.  A little weird, but it works. Parker sleeps really well with it, and since we can take it everywhere we travel, he always feels at home (and we travel A LOT- Parker has already been to 4 states!).

So tell me, do any of these make your list of must-haves? What can you not live without that I may not have discovered yet?

Have a great day!


  1. Does he sleep in the nap nanny just on the floor or do you put it in something? We don't have a huge room, so we are wondering what type of bassinet/co-sleeper to get for when the baby will be in our room at the beginning.

  2. Ok I LOVE this list! Thanks for putting it together! I also use those nursing bras and love them! And I am totally going to check out the gas relief, stroller and bathtub. We are traveling a ton come September/October so this is good to know! And SO funny about Parker tooting like a grown man...Ethan is right there with him!!

  3. Bought some of those bras a couple of weeks ago. Fabulous!

  4. I loooved A+A blankets! We have some of the bamboo ones and they are so soft it's amazing. I also used them as a nursing cover before I learned the art of double layering and was uncomfortable nursing in public. I'd just tuck a corner into my bra and voila!

    The Summer Infant bath chair was also my FAVORITE THING EVER! I used it to take my baby in the shower since she wasn't a fan of baths and it really saved my life.


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