Guest Posting at Schue Love

Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Friday, friends! Today I am guest posting over at Schue Love about being a new momma while sweet Natasha spends some time with her new baby boy! I LOVE Natasha's blog and have become great friends with her throughout our pregnancies. Check it out!

I keep promising myself that I WILL get better at blogging... but it is just not happening yet!(**hangs head in shame**) Maybe next week??  We are on vacation with my family in the one and only Galveston, Texas and are having a blast! Hope you all have a great weekend!

P.S. The Etsy Shop is back in business with a few items if you want to take a gander :).


  1. Oh I love her blog! Can't wait to read your post :)

  2. Thanks for the awesome guest post today! Such great feedback...which I knew you would get! Loved the advice!! Have a great weekend Mama! XO

  3. just found you via Natasha's blog. I am excited to follow along! Have a great weekend,


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