Tuesday Loves.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

These are just a few things that I have been loving lately....

I saw this in BHG last year and have been obsessed with the styling and the lamp (and the peonies...) ever since...

Beautiful couch and pillow!

I'm hoping to paint the inside of our door this year....maybe a shade similar to this?

This outfit is pure perfection in my eyes. Love Kendi and her writing style!

I'm obsessed with the fact that none of this matches. It is sooooooo great. And those pants?? Gah! Does anyone else think this girl looks like Donna from That 70's Show? No? Maybe it's just me.

For my little boy....cutie :)

This quote has come in handy for me lately...you'll find out why soon enough!

Ahhhh, a recipe for apple cider caramels. The perfect winter treat. Be still my heart.

Anyone else been obsessed with anything in particular lately? I love me some new inspiration :).

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. I am LOVING the outfit that doesn't match! Yes she does look like the chick from that 70s show! Great inspiration!

  2. This was such a lovely post to read :) geez, I love peonies! and now I am curious about the secret behind the quote... x

  3. Love all these inspiration photos...especially the first one! Styled to perfection!

  4. Those apple cider caramels look sooo good. I might just have to try and make them!

  5. How awesome! These pictures are great. Kendi is soooo stinking funny. I love her blog!

  6. OMG - I cannot wait til I get to start dressing my future children! Your son is going to be so stylish!

  7. Oh my gosh, I just made homemade caramels the other day - I wish I'd seen this before and had made cider caramels! Just found your blog, it's completely lovely!

  8. Such pretty pictures! mmm that caramel....

  9. Such pretty pictures! mmm that caramel....


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