23 Weeks.

Friday, January 6, 2012

To our sweet baby boy,

Hi there, little one! This is my first ever letter to you. It's taken me 23 weeks to finally sit down and write all of the thoughts that have been bouncing around my head that are purely dedicated to YOU. I think about you all the time, every day. Sometimes I miss you when I'm at work, so I pull out my phone and look at your ultrasound pictures just to see that you are real, which is completely crazy because you are with me all the time! My absolute favorite thing about having you in my belly is getting to feel you kick and punch (even in the middle of the night, which is apparently when you like to party!). The first time I felt you kick I just about peed my pants and ran into the bedroom to tell your dad. Your daddy and I love to sit and watch my belly pop around. He tries to get you to kick his hand, but I guess you're stubborn like me and don't want to give in. 

We also spend our evenings talking about you. Whose nose you will have, whether you will like vegetables, what books will be your favorite, if you will be embarrassed by my random need to bust out in song and dance at any given moment (I'm thinking yes). We talk about whether you'll be a pacy fanatic like both of us were, if you'll chase Louie around the house the way we imagine, what you'll want to be when you grow up, what you'll actually end up being when you grow up, and of course, we talk about the girl you'll marry. We wonder about her a lot, but we are trusting that God's got a good one in mind; a girl that was made or will be made just for you :).

This past Wednesday, we were able to see your little face for the first time at our big ultrasound and anatomy scan. I have never seen your dad smile so big (besides when he found out that you are a boy!). We were able to see you rubbing your eyes and stretching your legs and a head full of DARK hair surrounding the cutest little face I've ever seen, and it just made me so happy that you are REAL. The doctor kept saying that you have such a "pretty heart" and I have a good feeling that he is right in more ways than one. I just know that you will be such a good little man with a genuine heart and it makes me so proud of you already.

I love you so much,
Your mom

P.S. I'm sorry that you don't have a name yet. We tried so hard to pick one before Christmas vacation with our family, but just couldn't do it. You ended up being called a different name every 10 minutes, depending on what each family member's favorite name was. I figure that this will be a good story someday, right?


  1. You have to be the cutest pregnant person ever! LOVE that outfit!!!

    Happy weekend!

  2. Ok... and now I just read the letter and I am crying! So sweet! The name will come to you... maybe not until you see his face, but it will come to you instantly!

  3. crying....now. so so so sweet.

  4. Such a sweet letter...he will love reading this one day. Totally in love with your sweet little boy on the way! :)

    And you look great! Love your outfit!

  5. You are such an adorable pregnant person. Wow. I hope I look as cute as you one day!! Haha :) xo

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  6. Such a sweet letter Katy, I almost cried reading it. Don't worry the perfect name will come. You are so adorable! Happy weekend.

  7. You are so adorable. Your outfit is perfect!! Love it. What a wonderful letter to your baby! Special time of life right now...glad you're recording it for you & him (:

  8. What a perfect letter! Katy, you are already such an awesome mommy!

  9. what a cute post...honestly it made me teary eyed. I kind of miss being pregnant...it was such an exciting and wonderful adventure but it gets even better once you get to hold them! (except for the fact that when they start crying you can put them back in your tummy haha) Congrats to you and you look just GREAT!!!


    p.s. come on over and take a peek at my CUSTOM BLOG DESIGN giveaway! :-) I think you'll really like it!

  10. looking great Lady!! What a wonderful letter to your darling boy! Can't wait to hear the name!

    xo em

  11. Very sweet letter to your little man! Don't worry about the name. Our son didn't have an official name until after he was born. My husband and I had a hard time deciding on a name and then agreeing on it!

  12. Ok this is so incredibly sweet. If I were in any position to have/want a baby any time soon, I'd grab my husband right now and make it happen just because of all the love in this post. (TMI? sorry!) No...but really. This is so precious. Hopefully these little blogs of ours will be around when our kiddos are old enough to read them! You're gonna be such a good momma! :)

  13. Aww this is the sweetest little letter ever. :) You look absolutely adorable!!


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