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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We've taken a little break from house projects, but that's all going to change this weekend. I'll go ahead give you a few hints as to what we're going to start working on in the next few days.:

That's right! The "Gray Room" (as we refer to it) will finally begin to undergo its long-awaited makeover. If you remember, we did a nice little clean-out of it last spring, but it's just kind of been sitting there ever since. My initial plans to make it into a craft room only have changed a bit (I think we will be putting a bed in there as well), but I still want it it to have a large work space for blogging, sewing, and crafting. Who knows what it will look like in the ideas and plans tend to change even more once we begin working on a space haha.

I'm also pretty obsessed with offices in closets....they are just such a great space saver when you don't have much room. Maybe I should do something like this instead... (Pardon me, I don't have sources for some of these!)

Hmmmmm, decisions, decisions. What do you think? I need some opinions here. Are you all for office closets or are you over them? Should I try to combine an office/craft room and a bedroom? I'm not a fan of that idea scares me!

Have a great day! See you all tomorrow.


  1. If you don't like clutter, I probably wouldn't try combining an office/craft area with a bedroom, just because offices tend to get so messy and it's better to leave the two separate.

    I love these pics! That room with all of the yellow touches is sooo beautiful.

  2. Hmm. I'm really liking the idea of the office in the closet. In fact.. Kanyon and I have a really wide closet that this could work for, too.

    The only thing I question is giving up a closet for your guests. Maybe picking up an armoire off Craig's List would solve that, though.

  3. We have a combined space right now..and it's for the birds.. but we need the bed for guests. I'd love to have a solo office/craft room! However, it does look like that yellow room pulled it off! I dunno though..their office space, while very tidy, looks minimal. Happy re-decorating!

  4. Found your blog on weardrobe! LOVE it. Do you do Bloglovin' at all?

  5. We made one office in a closet and we are about to make another one! We love it, hides the clutter and also puts a closet to good use. Also we just don't have an extra room to dedicate to an office so for us, it was the perfect solution! Good luck, stopping over from Remodelaholic!


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