My Week In Bullets

Saturday, April 23, 2011

You know when you have those crazy weeks and the only way you can organize their events in your mind is to list them in bullets? No? Okay, maybe it's just me.

Here are a few of the fun, stressful, random, and meaningful events that happened this week.
  • My Birthday! It was a very crazy day at work, and afterwards my sweet friends were nice enough to take me to dinner at Abuelo's (aka very good Mexican food). They even surprised me with a cake and a gift card to Gap!

  • When I got home from my Birthday dinner, I was also surprised to find my sweet husband baking me another birthday cake! (This has been cake week....I've had it for dinner pretty much every night.) He had a game that night, but he still wanted to do something special... so sweet :).
  • If you can't tell, Bryan spelled out "23!" with the candles in the cake. He also ran out of icing, which is why the top is the only part that's iced. Oh, and he pointed out that candle packs only come with 24 candles, so our new definition of being old is when you need more than one pack of candles....which means that in 2 short years, I will be very depressed.
  • Bryan let me pick out the movie for the night....Tristan and Isolde. Very good, but very sad.
  • I also had a great time talking with my mother-in-law, mom, dad,  and aunt Kathy, and listening to the sweetest birthday message from my Nanny and Papaw. That's one of the reasons I love birthdays, you get to talk with so many people that you love!
  • Tuesday was a big day because Bryan and I became an aunt and uncle! Sweet Hensley Rae was born at around 7:00 on Tuesday night. We've been recieving picture updates ever since.

  • We already love her and her chunky cheeks. I can't wait to meet her when I go to Houston next week!
  • Tuesday was also extremely busy because we had the Graduate Dinner for all of the seniors at LCU. We spent the whole day setting up and I got home at around 8:30 that night.

  • Wednesday was yet again busy at work, but the best part of the day was going to meet with our small group at church that night. We've had such a great time getting to know our new small group and we really look forward to Sundays and Wednesdays now!
  • Thursday wasn't really that busy, unless you count me spending an hour killing grass and weeds in the backyard as busy...
  • But I did finish a really great book called The Lake of Dead Languages. It was kind of dark, but really, really good. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting something new to read.

  • On Friday, Bryan and I enjoyed our day off and did pretty much absolutely nothing. I started a new book and we watched Tangled and The King's Speech (loved them both!!), but nothing productive was accomplished....I suppose we all need days like that though, right?
  • Saturday.....Saturday was my sweet sister Laura's birthday!! She turned 19 (which is so hard for me to believe!). Laura, if you're reading this, I hope you have a very happy and blessed year! I look up to you so much and I appreciate your sweet, genuine personality everyday!! Love and miss you!!
  • I also got a chance to go shopping (where I might have spent a little too much money...), and went to lunch with one of my good friends, Megan, at this new place called Manna. If you are local and haven't been, you need to go! It doesn't even feel like you're in Lubbock, and the food is great! After lunch Megan and I did some more shopping and I picked up the cutest gifts for so cute they make me want to cry. I can't wait to give them to her next weekend!
I hope everyone has big plans for Easter Sunday!! Enjoy the warm weather, new dresses, and time with family and friends, I know I will!

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    1. I just found your blog and it's adorable! And if you hadn't sold me already with your cute beagle (I have a basset) you sold me with you 44oz Sonic drinks. I'm an avid Sonic fan!


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