Loving Different Decorating Styles Part Three

Monday, November 16, 2015

Today I'm back with possibly my final (at least for now) installment of this little series on loving different design styles. What? I made it through a series? I didn't even know that was possible! (Pat on back...ice cream later.)


So let's get this show started.....first up today is Emily A. Clark. I am a little obsessed with Emily. I never miss her blog posts as I always find inspiration, but more importantly, I find real-life, real-mom inspiration. Emily is so talented, but she has put most of her design work on hold to raise her 5 children.

Side Note: Something that I really love about all of these women I have featured in this series is that they are all mothers. And actually, all of them have a least 2 kids (Erica and Jennifer), and then Jenny and Lauren each have 4. There is something really encouraging to me in that....that it's okay to enjoy things other than just your children, that it's attainable to have a beautiful, livable home with children, and that it's good for your kids to see you work at something you love.

Emily's style is a bit different than mine...she is more contemporary and more bold with her color and pattern choices which I LOVE. She is awesome at thrifting and using traditional, vintage, and antique pieces and her home (a few houses ago) was also featured in Better Homes and Gardens which was so cool. I admire her so!

(Those striped walls get me every. time.)

Emily also has a thing for blue and white ceramics and vintage busts which I have developed quite the obsession for thanks to her. :) 

Beautiful, right? Aaaaaand they just moved to a charming new house that I am chomping at the bit to get more updates on. 


Up next...and you know I can't leave out this one, is Mrs. Fixer Upper herself, Joanna Gaines. I mean...who doesn't love Fixer Upper? Find me a person. I bet you can't. 

Joanna, as we all know is like, the supreme of the industrial farmhouse, shiplap, country vibe. People always tell me that my style reminds them of her, but I really think I only decorate in that direction a small bit, and usually because it's much more cost effective when you have a DIY budget (usually). I still love her use of exposed brick, wood tones, whites, greenery, and metals, though, and definitely draw inspiration from that and go all googly-eyed when I watch the show. She is great at making a home look like everything was found but still upscale and inviting. 

And obviously she is pretty much polar opposite of Emily's style....but both are still so beautiful to me. 

(I love this living room....it is my favorite of hers)

Oh! And fun fact: my rep for one of the wholesale companies I order from is the rep for all of Texas and she works with Joanna Gaines! How cool is that? She actually told me that a console table I was interested in was one that JoJo had just ordered for the silos and I was all, "Yep, so just put that in my cart."

So that's that for right now. I enjoyed this and hope you did, too! What designers do you love that "clash" with each other? What elements of a room do you tend to draw inspiration from?

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