DIY Birch Wreath

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I'm working with Jo-Ann and KAMR again today to bring you all another fabulous craft. This time, we are making a DIY Birch Wreath with cut birch logs that come pre-packaged at Jo-Ann. Add some ribbon, raffia, and leaves, and you've got yourself a little slice of fall to hang on your door (inside or outside), place above your mantel, or to add to that perfect Thanksgiving vignette. 

Fabulous, I tell you! 

And here we go:


  • Wire cutters
  • Florist wire: 22 or 24 gauge
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks (LOTS of glue sticks)
  • Brown floral tape
  • Burlap-Wrapped Wreath 12-14" (Or a green foam wreath if you can't find one pre-wrapped, that's what I did)
  • Burlap garland
  • Medium Birch Round Bags (5)
  • Pinecone pick stems (2)
  • Miscellaneous fall leaf foliage (5)
  • Onion grass cattail stems, corn husk stems, or similar (2)
  • Dark brown raffia

Start by wrapping your wreath form with the burlap garland. I used hot glue to attach. If you were able to snag a pre-wapped wreath, go you! Skip this step.

Hot glue alllllllll the birch logs around the wreath. You may need to layer them a bit to fill all the nooks and crannies. Messy is good. I used every bit of the five bags.

Arrange your leaves, grasses, berries, and whatever else you've picked out in little arrangements. Wrap with floral tape.

Hot glue or use florist wire to attach to the wreath. (I used hot glue because I'm good and lazy like that. glue always works.)

At this point, you may be re-thinking your crafting skills but fear not! Take the rest of your burlap garland and make a good messy bow, big enough to cover the stems of the leaves and foliage. I like to tie the center of mine with florist wire and then fluff to make it nice and full. Do the same with the raffia (the messier it looks, the better). You can also be creative here and use another thick ribbon for the bow or whatever your crafty heart desires (or really, whatever you have on hand.)

Hot glue or use florist wire to attach the raffia and bow to the center of the wreath. 

Step back and admire your work. 

The birch wreath by itself is a really great base to decorate seasonally. If you attach the embellishments and bows with wire, you can easily remove them to re-do for Christmas and even the spring and summer months! (I'm thinking ferns, curly willow, moss, and a bird's nest and eggs....yes?)

This wreath is also featured in the Jo-Ann Maker's Guide for the holidays. They make it SUPER easy to shop the supplies directly by clicking right HERE.


I will be on KAMR today at 4:00 with more details (and probably a good dose of awkwardness, too.)

Have a great day, everyone! 

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