A Quick Makeover For Our Bathroom

Monday, November 9, 2015

With our house going up on the market at some point in the near future, we need to finish a couple of projects "just enough" to sell for the price we want. We had our realtors come out and look at the house a few months ago and were completely shocked at what they said we could list for, BUT we were instructed to get our master bathroom somewhat up to par with the rest of the house before doing so.

I am about to show you a horror scene. I'm kidding of course, but it ain't pretty.

(Don't mind the Lightening McQueen potty seat. ;)

The doors on either side of the tub go to our closets.

This is what the entire house looked like when we moved in (except for some chocolate brown paint in the living room. Stark white (and dirty) walls and baseboards, peeling linoleum, beige cabinets and counters, etc. etc.) You get the drift.

We have used this for 2.5 years and it has worked just fine, but I have to say I am very excited for a little re-do. Originally we had bigger plans for this space, but after deciding to move that got down-sized quite a bit.

On the to-do list:

-Change flooring to tile (something prettier but affordable from a box store)
-Replace baseboards and door casings to match the rest of the house
-Paint walls (in closets, too)
-Paint doors to match the rest of the house (black)
-Paint vanity white and add hardware
-Replace mirrors with something a bit more aesthetically pleasing
-Replace shower door (this was one thing our realtors said had to go...the current one is broken)
-Deep clean the shower (it is so gross and stained from the previous owners)
-Replace light fixtures (probably with something inexpensive but pretty from a box store)
-Replace faucets and fixtures in the shower, tub, and sink (again, from a box store)
-Add some wall art and accessories (including a vanity stool)

Okay, that actually kind of looks like a lot, but it really isn't much. I'm thinking we can knock it out in a week.

Here is a bit of what I'm thinking:

vanity light / paint: silver sage / light / mirror / lamp / botanicals / vanity / rug / cup pull / art / stool

I'm going in the vintage-traditional kind of farmhouse vibe that I've been doing in this whole house. I actually don't know if I will do that style completely in our next house but we will see!

A few things:

1. It takes way too long to make an inspiration board. However....it helps me organize my thoughts and make decisions so that is good.

2. The spindles on that stool kill me. LOVE. 

3. All of this is just inspiration and probably not exactly what I will be getting (except for the cup pulls, the paint color, and the fern)

4. If my budget would allow, I would get much cooler mirrors with a pretty shape, but I found some similar to the rectangular gold one at Homegoods for $40. So I got two of them :). (We will be using two mirrors and lights since the vanity is long.)

And so....one last makeover for this house (and then a whole bunch of tying up loose ends and organizing....BAH.) Should be fun!


  1. I can't wait to see what you come up with when it is done!!

  2. Katy loved your spot on studio4 today wanted to share if you need any help on getting your house ready to sale that is what my husband does. We have had a small business in Amarillo since 1995 check us out. www.daviddoesthibgs.com or www.facebook.com/builderdavid
    Like your ideas for updating bathroom. Enjoy your blog
    David and Ronna Nord 806-584-8123
    PS we work with several realtors in Amarillo helping people get their homes ready to get the best price for them.

    1. Oh you are so sweet, Ronna! Thank you! I actually live in Lubbock, but what a great business! I would definitely be giving y'all a call if we were closer!

  3. Looks like you have quite the undertaking ahead of you, but you are off to a great start! The mirrors you plan to install, along with new tiles would make a world of difference. Not only that, but the right color paint would tie it all together and truly tie it all together. Looking forward to seeing the final result!

    Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement

  4. I love what you have planned for the place. That kind of retro/homely look isn't necessarily to my taste (my other half loves it) but it will be so much better then what you have at the moment. It looks like a bad hotel bathroom right now although I've seen worse, actually I've owned worse! The mirrors I especially like.

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating


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