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Friday, November 13, 2015

Well, it should show what kind of week we had that I'm just now sitting down to write this post at 10:19 pm. :) It's been crazy (I realize I say this in every post....but I have been barely treading water here recently!), BUT at the same time, we have been doing a lot of fun things.

Bryan and I went on a much needed date last Friday night to eat at Garcia's (the best!) and to see The Martian. We had so much fun! It was also the first night that BOTH boys stayed the night at Grammy and Bee's. That's right! The weaning process is going really smoothly with Hayes as he loves his new best buddy The Bottle. We are down to one nursing a day and I don't know how much longer it will last. I'm actually pretty sad about it (which is weird because when he turned one I was really, really ready to wean) He is just such an easy (and fast) nurser and I know I won't get to snuggle with him near as much once we're done. Bittersweet, for sure!

Bryan also started ripping out our bathroom last weekend! I came home and we didn't have floors....surprise! Ha. But seriously. Surprise! Everything has been going really well and he is actually putting in new baseboards as I type. :)

(the tile for the bathroom)

On Wednesday, I drove up to Amarillo for my craft segment and got home in time for dinner at my in-laws. It's nice because I leave around 2:00 and get home at around 6:30 so I don't feel like I miss out on much with the kids. I am also so thankful to my mother-in-law for taking my kids on these days and feeding me and my family dinner when I get back! Life saver, I tell you. We stayed late and talked about house stuff which has already been proving to have a few more bumps in the road than expected. I will post more about that later!

On my way to and from Amarillo, I've been listening to podcasts (that is my new thing....good grief they are addicting), and the one I'm listening to right now is Being Boss. It's for creative entrepreneurs but their ideas would apply to any entrepreneur, I would guess. The hosts are like, way too cool for me, but I love their personalities and advice.

The rest of the week was spent doing our usual things and getting ready for MOPS craft which was this morning. We made recipe gifts to give out at Christmas time. Many trips to Sam's Club for this girl but it turned out really well EXCEPT that I put too much salt in the cookie recipe and didn't notice until after meeting....gosh. I was so mad at myself.  HOWEVER, I made the recipe twice tonight (with the too much salt) and they were still good, so I'm trying not to obsess over it (easier said than done since I obsess over everything....especially things I do wrong).

Anyways. I will share both recipes in a few weeks. (With the correct amount of salt, just so you know.)

We got our family photos back today and I LOVE them. Here is a little peek.

WHAT. I cannot handle it.

Monica is awesome. So awesome!

The housekeeper is a go! She came to our house on Tuesday (her name is Cynthia) with her assistant (I cannot remember her name but she was very nice and sweet to Hayes), and they looked through the house and we agreed that once a month will work great for our home and our budget. I have felt so snobby about this for some reason (which I have no clue mom has a housekeeper and she is far from snobby!), but the truth is, I'm doing way too many other jobs right now to have time to regularly clean and be with my kids. This will be such a load off my shoulders. And my floors haven't been mopped in 4 months, so...

(I posted a photo of our kitchen explosion on Instagram last night and Bryan said it still didn't do it justice so here is a pulled back version.....yep.)

When I'm busy, I tend to escape by either A) taking a nap, or B) reading. This week, I read. I finally picked up Where'd You Go, Bernadette? It is REALLY good so far and I have about 30 pages left. Read it if you haven't yet! (This may or may not be why our kitchen was a mess.)

Parker and Hayes have been adorable lately. Parker is killing it with the funny and truthful comments, and Hayes wore squeaker shoes for the first time this, you know...I have pretty much been in a constant state of mommy-melting.

We got a toy catalog in the mail and I told Parker he could circle a couple of toys he wanted to ask for from his grandparents. Last year when we did this is was super cute, but this year, it was a little taxing on my "making sure we're raising our kids right" tab. I did think it was completely adorable though that he worked so hard to draw the circles so exact around every single toy. ;) Pretty cute. Still trying to decide how spendy we want to be with's a hard battle!


I also really want to end this post with some sort of acknowledgment of the attacks in Paris. We have been watching the news coverage all night and are so sad. The whole city, country, and really, the whole world just needs a lot of prayers.

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