Friday Favorites Volume 3

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Yay! Friday Favorites three weeks in a row.

I am awesome.

I believe I left off last week with us planning Abby's shower, yes? We ended up staying up all night long…like I'm not kidding. All of the women in my family are crazy like that. We put off the cleaning, prepping, cooking, and decorating until the very last millisecond and then BOOM, we do it all. (And are just sleep deprived.) It's a problem but we deal.

The shower had a great turnout and we really enjoyed getting to see all of the ladies from our old church and catching up. I argued with my mom about making the shower 3 hours long (soooooo long), but it ended up being a good thing because there was so much catching up to do. I think my mother-in-law cried when she hugged pretty much every person who came in. We all miss it a lot!

The money shot. 

You can also see one of the chalkboards my sister drew! Yay! The photo I actually took of it is pretty horrible, so in true blog form, I'm omitting it. It looked awesome in real life though. We had guests fill out recipe cards since Abby likes to cook. So fun!

Punch table with the best punch in the history of punches. 

Judy and Abby. Love those crazy ladies.

I, of course, only take pictures of decor because I am weird. Abby got a lot more on her phone I think, but I do promise there were plenty of guests there!

Us and Abby. I need a haircut (don't worry, got one this week).

Parker was an absolute three-year-old for the first part of the shower and stood on the porch crying for Grammy. 

My Dad intervened quickly and took him on a bike ride on one of the trails….can't remember which. Anyways, he came pack and was very HAPPY! Seriously though, he loved it.

As it goes, all good things must come to an end, so we packed up and left pretty much immediately after the shower was over. 

The weather was absolute perfection that day which made it even harder to leave. I do love our life here in Lubbock and would bawl my eyes out if we ever left, but leaving my parents and Colorado never gets any easier either. 

Oh! That reminds me, I got some photos of me running in the Bolder Boulder and am sharing know, just to embarrass myself. (Still trying to log on and get my stats though.)

You know you're going pretty slow when CHILDREN are running circles around you.

I tried to smile for the camera in this one. HA.

I feel as though you can see the misery here. Also, bad angle. Just had to say it. Yes, I am that vain.

There is no joy as I cross the finish line. Just sweet, sweet relief. :)

We got back to Lubbock just in time to walk into a dust-filled house since Bryan had been working on the boys bathroom while we were gone. He was using the tile cutter inside. INSIDE. Guys, I love that man with all my heart, and he is a good, good, and talented husband, but I almost lost it. (Lord, help him.) I pray every day that I will get over my first-world self and just deal with messes…but I can't. Or at least I can't so far. 

Anyways…I went to another shower for Abby on Sunday (!), and have been drowning in a pool of renovation mess and clean-ups ever since. There is a reason we have lived here for two years and only have half of our project list done. AND to make matters worse, (and to be completely honest) I think we got in over our heads with the herringbone tile. I mean, Bryan is AWE-SOME at home improvement projects and tiling, so I don't know if there was some trick that we missed but herringbone is HARD. I just can't explain it. I'm debating if I should color the grout to white to make it blend in more (he used a gray initially), or try to ignore it, or what. DIY. Some things don't work perfectly, and that is very hard for this Type A perfectionist-penny-pincher to deal with. :) 


(That has obviously been on my mind all week.)

Here is the better side of the shower while it was being grouted. 

AND here are the vanity cabinets!! They are actually kitchen cabinets from Ikea. I am SO excited. They still have plastic wrap on the font of them and haven't been installed all the way yet, but they are built and they fit and they look amazing! We were going to stagger them originally but decided to just keep it easy and put them side by side.

Bryan also got the floor tile in last night and it looks ah-mazing as well!! I am so in love. (I actually helped with this, too! I never help tile.) 

I picked ceramic tile from Home Depot that was only $1.98/sq ft but looks a lot like slate. I obviously need to take some photos. 

Still to do….

-grout floors
-install beadboard, trim and casings
-score and frame old mirror
-purchase and install light fixture and fan
-install vanity and add hardware
-install vanity top, sink, and faucet
-purchase hardware for towels, toilet paper, etc
-install toilet
-build floating shelves
-sew shower curtain (because you know, I like to complicate things for myself)
-accessorize (fave!)

Bryan you are my FAVORITE person in earth. I mean this is true, but after reading this list it is definitely true.

The kids have been good but crazy this week. Parker ate green beans TWICE. He suddenly loves them. (Happy mom!) He also got in his weekly trip to the Science Spectrum (it's getting ridiculous) and suddenly has an imaginary dog and cat that play with him. He's also been telling me constantly that spiders and snails are "gross", and making a slurping sound when he wants to eat something, i.e: "I want a Popsicle. slurrrrrp". It's strange, but funny. I bought him a sprinkler toy that shoots balls around the yard which he has played with almost every day, except for that he doesn't actually play with it, he just stands by the hose faucet turning the water on and off while he watches it. Usually naked. 

Hayes is…well, adorable. He is just so happy. He LOVES the door jumper. And he will not crawl. And I think he is allergic to peaches because I gave them to him yesterday and his face immediately became inflamed with little red spots. BLAHHHH. I do not want to deal with food allergies. 

Bryan and I watched Hayes talk to himself this morning while he was sitting on the floor and it was SO funny. His little personality is coming out and it is the BEST.

Oh, my life.

I keep looking at my children and suddenly realizing how beautiful they are. WOAH, that sounded cheesy, but do you ever have that happen? Where you just look at someone all the time, so you stop noticing them and then it's just like BOOM, he's so cute

Let's see, what else…I basically did not see people this week. Yikes. Oh wait. I got my haircut yesterday so that was good. I also went to Wal-Mart. What an exciting life I have been living! The boys hung out at Grammy's yesterday and Parker swam his little heart out. (Thanks, Uncle Luke, for graciously letting Parker save you from the "shark" 50 times.) He is such a fish. In fact, I've been trying to set-up swim lessons with one of my sweet friends but we haven't gotten a chance! Need to get on that. 

Alright, Harry Potter is over so I need to go, too. Bryan and I have this fun game where I pick out a Harry Potter and he guesses which one I picked and he is ALWAYS right. It's creepy. And we are losers. 

Talk to you later!

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