Friday Favorites Volume 2

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hello! Here is my week for Friday Favorites. Late.

We must have had a whirlwind of a week because I honestly cannot remember how it started.

We went on a date last Friday and saw MacFarland USA which was really good and is about a family who is associated with LCU so that made it even more interesting. :)

I have no recollection of Saturday other than that Bryan had graduation and I survived a late night with our children. (You think I'm kidding but there are many nights that I'm truly in survival mode.) On Sunday morning we left for Denver to visit my parents and met my dad halfway in Clayton. We ate at a delicious little place…something like Rabbit Ear Mexican…anyways, go there if you ever drive through Clayton! After a long day of travel, we tried to sleep (I say tried because Parker was seriously so wired that he was roaming the house in the middle of the night, going into people's bedrooms, and attempting to play with his trains that live at Nonnie and Pops house) and ended up being really exhausted the next morning which was just perfect because….

My Dad and I did the Bolder Boulder! Yes. I woke up at 5:30am and was crazy enough to try this after not working out or running more than a block in almost 2 years. I am crazy. But we had a lot of fun! Well, I say that, however the day really got of to a rough start due to the previously stated reason (crazy Parker) and the fact the we parked TWO MILES away from the starting line and had to RUN to try and make our wave's start time. I'm not kidding. I was exhausted by the time we got there and we ended up missing our wave to top it off.

After we hopped in with another wave, I made it a little over a mile with my Dad before I had to stop and walk.  I told him I would try and catch up but eventually decided to switch off walking/running every few blocks/ stop signs/ stop lights. My legs were absolute jelly by the end of it, but this race was seriously SO fun. There were something like 65,000 people who ran it and it was just one of those things that makes you feel really good about humanity…as corny as that might be to say. The day was absolutely perfect and beautiful, which of course made me seriously wish I was living back in CO. There had to have been a band on every block and people were lining the streets the entire time. We ran the bulk of the race through Boulder neighborhoods, so it was fun to see people sitting out on their (beautiful) lawns having picnics and watching the runners. Boulder is…well, Boulder so I was thoroughly entertained to say the least. Slip n'slides, belly dancers, a ton of live music, and even alcohol available to runners (I didn't do any of that, but is was hilarious to say the least…"You do a cartwheel, we'll do a shot" kind of thing)…all so fun.

The worst part was the last lap around the CU stadium…I thought I might die, but I made it! My time was not great, but not absolutely horrible considering that I walked half the time. (I think I placed around 14,000th out of the 30,000 women who participated, haha!) I was mainly excited to finish because it meant I got to see my babies! Good motivation. Both boys had a blast, although Hayes was definitely exhausted by the end of it. Parker was in heaven when he got his own Diet Pepsi (his primary goal in life is to get a hold of Mom's Diet Coke). I am not above bribing for good behavior when we are out in public and this called for a bribe. It worked.

I sport a nursing cover at all times. Only the coolest of moms do. ;)

We were able to watch the professional races from the stands and I must admit that I got a bit choked up as they finished. They all can run the 10k in a ridiculously short amount of time (I'm talking 30 minutes) and then whole stadium cheered as they came in.

 Cheering for the pros.

Hayes hated the hat.

There was a big ceremony for memorial Day afterwards which was SO good and definitely kept me choked up! Parker loved the parachute jumpers coming into the field with flags for the various military branches, fallen soldiers/POW's, and of course, the American flag. They honored several WWII veterans,  and also swore in a whole lot of men and women to the military. Parker also loved the jet flyover after the national anthem. It was such a great day, but I was exhausted and ready to be home. I think I napped for like 4 hours after I fed Hayes.

And of course it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. (From the BB Facebook page)

I was SO sore on Tuesday that walking was seriously miserable. Laura and I went to see Pitch Perfect 2 on Tuesday night which was hilarious but that was about it for me. I also went the chiropractor which was awesome/horrible because I got adjusted (good) but was really sore so I couldn't move much (bad). We also made two trips to my favorite mall ever (Park Meadows….I'm not kidding, I have been to many malls, and it is still the best). We also got to eat La Sandia which has amazing tacos!! Give me Mexican food and I am happy.

My parents took Parker to ride the Georgetown Train on Thursday and had a BLAST. I know I've mentioned it before, but seriously, I have never seen a more train-obsessed boy. It may rival his obsession with Diet Coke. ;) He rambles about trains all day long. My Mom said he was in absolute heaven the entire time and even got to have his ticket punched. (He has a thing about getting train tickets punched---he takes our chip clips and walks around the house saying, "Tickets please!". It is super cute.)

Getting his ticket punched.

Getting his ticket punched, again.

My parents said the views are unreal. Kind of sad I missed it!

What were the rest of us doing during this train outing? Oh, you know…just watching the entire second season of Fixer Upper. We don't have cable, so I tend to binge watch various shows at my parents house. Loved it!

I cannot pick favorites to save my life, but here are a few rooms that I loved from this season:

I LOVE those striped pillows and the chalkboard. Bryan and I discussed doing pine paneling on our ceilings like this. 

Warm and happy.

That brick! Those pendants! The FRIDGE.

There were several good accents in this one. Also loved the chandelier.

(All images are from Chip and Joanna's website, right here.

On Friday, Judy and Abby drove into town for Abby's bridal shower that my mom was hosting on Saturday. We were able to fit in a trip to Hacienda (again with the Mexican food….all-time fave) and reminisce about all the fun we've had there. Bryan and I both had our graduation dinners there, I had my 18th birthday party there, and we had our rehearsal dinner there. We obviously hate that place. ;)

We also went to the mall where I spent a ridiculous amount of money on a shirt at Anthropologie…but I couldn't help it, it was so sparkly. I wear casual shirts every day (stay-at-home necessity/reality) but get so tired of them…but this was, again, a sparkly casual shirt. My sister's call me the "bling-y" sister when it comes to fashion, and they would be correct.

We spent the rest of the day getting ready for the shower which turned out FAB, but I will save that for next week because I'm supposed to update this thing weekly now. HAHAHA. Have you noticed that it's Sunday and I said I would post every Friday? Really starting off well.

Funny things Parker said this week:

-"Hey, Non!!! (His new nickname for Nonnie that he uses ALL. THE. TIME.)
-"Don't worry, we'll build it together." (talking about a train track, of course)
-"Did the skeeters get you? (mosquitos)
-"You have a squirrel in your back yard and it is SO CUUUUTE."
-"I'm here!! You guys, I'm here!" (Everytime he walks into a room)

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  1. First off, I'm so impressed that you could run a mile after two years off (and having a baby in that time!). Secondly, I love that you're sporting that nursing cover. It would have been hilarious if you wore that during the could fly behind you like a cape. :) And thirdly, this is such a great way to keep up with regular updates. I think I might have to join you and Morgan in Friday Favorites.


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