Friday Favorites Volume 1

Friday, May 22, 2015

Hello! One of my friends (Morgan) started linking to a Friday Favorites round-up so I messaged her on Facebook and said I was going to copy her in hopes of actually blogging on a somewhat regular basis. #bloggerfail

I tend to try a recap our entire life since the last time I blogged…but let's be real here, there is just too much to go through (repeat: #bloggerfail), so I'm just going to recap this week in my first (and hopefully not the only) edition of Friday Favorites.

Okay. I can't even remember what happened this week.



1. First off,  I finally documented Hayes in Sunday school this week. Sweet Mrs. Rhonda says he usually just stares her down. :) He also smells like perfume when we pick him up which I absolutely love because it's good proof that someone's been snuggling with him. :)

He is also SO close to crawling and spends most of his free time planking.

ALSO, I just now figured out how to automatically upload my photos to Google+ and blog them! Hallelujah. There is also a feature where if you take a bunch of photos in a row, it will mush them all together to make a little movie. :) Cool. Go Hayes, go!

 2. We have been working on the house SLOWLY and are finally making progress in the boys bathroom (did I mention we gutted it in March? Yep.)

I went to a granite yard this week and found our future vanity top in the remnant section. I was wanting quartz but then it ended up being a lot more expensive. I did not know this?

Anyways…it's call black pearl and it still very expensive to me, but I don't know what else we could use in there that isn't just like the top we already had….

The ladies that worked there were so sweet and held a blanket over Hayes' head so he wouldn't get burned (I did not realize we would be outside). Haha! Here is what it looks like installed in a kitchen (I love this kitchen and hope to do ours eventually too):

(from Dear Lillie)

3. We went out for my friend Alli's birthday on Saturday (3 words: Torchy's Amazing Tacos….and also: Lemon Truffles from Marketstreet) and then got a text from Bryan saying "Boys are in bed. Take your time." Bless that man. I then leisurely walked the aisles of Target for 3 hours. Because I'm super cool like that. Did you know it's now open till midnight? I have a theory that they have realized that their largest market are moms who need a Target escape after bedtime and decided to extend their hours just for us. 

Anyways…I ended up getting a swimsuit that I cannot find online but is a really cute one piece with flamingos on it. I think my days of bikini's are coming to an end... because I have grown up enough to realize that I have two little boys who need a more modest example from their mother. ;) 

I also really like this scalloped one, also from Target:

I also got two pairs of sandals and some earrings. :) Bryan might rethink letting me have a free night every once in a while, haha!

4. Parker had his last day of school this week and I think we are all bummed for various reasons. We have LOVED Sugar N Spice so much. He has made some sweet little friends and has the best teachers. I love that we know almost everyone through LCU, too! Mrs. Sumer has just been the best and can do no wrong in P's eyes. 

Here is the process of getting a smile from Parker. (Another mom had to give me bunny ears.) Oh, being three!!

I have a feeling I'm going to stress myself out too much with these teacher gifts. (Story of my life.) I ended up getting his teacher a gift card to a tea place (thanks for the tip, Morgan!) and one of those tervis mugs and spent entirely too much time messing with that bow. 

They did the sweetest little program last night to top the year off. Parker has been singing his class's song, "Busy Buzzy Bee" for weeks now, but didn't seem that into it while on stage. (He didn't seem to want to leave the stage, though :) 

(I do not know if that will work but it's worth a try!)

5. Speaking of Parker, he has been VERY "three" lately. Like…for the most part, he just drives me nuts. He is of course still very sweet and very funny, but we have had many stand-offs just this week and I feel that Team Parent is losing. Also, he is suddenly very scared of the dark and has gotten into bed with us 3 times this week in the middle of the night (which I actually don't mind because it usually guarantees good snuggles IF he goes back to sleep). Two nights ago, he wouldn't even go to sleep in the first place and kept running into the living room (which is normally punishable by spanking), so Bryan warned him once, and then he got out of bed again, opened the door, and said "Um, I need a spanking." Um…? Bryan and I glanced at each other and then Bryan was like "Okay, I'll get the spoon", and Parker was like, "Okay!" We truly did not know what was going on! Bryan said that when he went in there Parker had his hiney in the air and was just waiting. SO… I have no clue what we are doing. :) 

6. I have spent entirely too much time writing this blog post, so I'm going to try and make this quick.

I read another book this week. Paper Towns by John Green. Guys, I just love YA. I can't help it. It's just so easy to read. And I love John Green because his characters are smart and a whole lot wittier than I am….well, I say that, but I was actually thoroughly annoyed for most of this book because Margo Roth Speigleman (whom the book basically revolves around) is pretty much psychotic. I do not know if everyone see this, but I definitely did. 

Here are the other books I have read semi-recently (I'm hoping to keep this updated and maybe get more book suggestions from anyone who reads this? Please?)

1. Bridge to Haven (Actually not that impressed…boo! Had such high hopes, Francine!)
2. Maude
3. The Girl On The Train
4. We Were Liars
5. Me Before You
6. Three Wishes
7. Big Little Lies

I also am halfway through Interrupted. Jen Hatmaker. Why must you turn my life upside down!? This book deserves a post all by itself. It's a good thing, though. I have found myself getting so…annoyed, I guess, with a lot of Christian "culture" for a good while now,  and this book seriously states my exact thoughts but also proves me guilty on every page! Very good. 


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  1. Yay a for Friday Favorites!!

    That story about Parker wanting a spanking had me laughing out loud for real! When I tell Brynn, "If you don't stop {insert weird behavior here} you will go to time out." She just says, "Otay!!" Kids. They're crazy!


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