Etsy Pillow Options For A Boys Room

Monday, June 22, 2015

Hello! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We have bacon on the stove, lots of family coming into town for the big wedding this weekend, and shopping to do today, so I am happy girl.

We finished Parker's big boy room last September and have absolutely loved it, BUT there were a few things I never completely finished due to me being very pregnant and overwhelmed with other "nesting" duties. Since we are back to a normal routine now, I thought it would be good to tackle these last few items in the big boy room.

The first priority is adding a cute decorative pillow to each bed.

Part of me is still on the fence about doing this since it's for a 3-year-old boy's room and there are already two pillows on the bed…but the impractical give-me-the-pretty-things part of me is calling for something cute to top everything off.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 

Here are my favorites that I found on Etsy. I had originally found another ABC pillow when I was planning his room, but now the shop that is was from is closed. Bummer, man. I obviously want them to be on both beds, although they don't necessarily have to be the exact same. The other bed will eventually belong to Hayes so I was thinking of monogramming or adding their names to something as well.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I love them all, it is so hard to choose!

We have a lot of color in the room with the book wall and PB quilts, so I can really go with anything on the pillows. 

There are also several airplane themed items (the frames from Bryan's grandpa and the curtains) so I don't know if I should stay in that direction or do something completely different. I'm kind of thinking of doing something different since I don't want to be too theme-y. Yes?

So there you go. Hopefully I will get this narrowed down in the next few weeks. (It's only taken me 9 months…)

Have a great Monday!

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