Friday Favorites Volume 4

Friday, June 12, 2015

Four and counting….go me! Here is another Made by Katy edition of Friday Favorites. Aren't you lucky. ;)

This post is full of phone photos….apologies.

This week flew by (as they all do). We have fallen off the daily grind wagon and into the lazy days of summer as Bryan is out of school which officially gives us no reason to get out of bed in the morning. Parker and Hayes usually end up in our bed at around 8:30am and it is glorious. We have spent almost every day this week in our jammies until noon.

Don't be too jealous though, this laziness results in serious un-productivity on my part... the house is a wreck, I've forgone meal planning (which means that we've eaten a grand total of 3 frozen pizzas this week and have gone out to eat the rest of the time), and my coffee has gone cold every single morning due to my constant and frenzied state of catching up. I hate microwaved coffee. It's a give and take.

We had family pictures made on Monday by the very sweet Monica Bartels Photography. To say that I'm excited to get our photos would be an understatement. I have been stalking her Facebook page for a preview on an hourly basis.

Pre-photos. Excited! (I was the only one who was excited.)

We were also EATEN by mosquitoes. I kid you not, I had about 50 welts on my legs by the time we left the "wildflower photo shoot". The kids seemed okay since we swatted them the whole time, and Bryan was wearing jeans, so it was just me in my short dress who got mauled. It was beautiful though, so there's that. I also got a spray tan, so there's that as well.

Getting ready for family photos is exhausting, BTW. So much prep/makeup/ironing/hair spray for a hot, sweaty, and usually stressful 30 minutes. If you know the secret to carefree family photos, please indulge me. ;)

Bryan has worked on the bathroom to the point that he now hates the bathroom. We had HUGE problems last weekend when we discovered that the adhesive he used on the floors was still wet after 4 days of dry time. (This is not normal.) We were mad to say the least, especially because Bryan had already grouted the tile and we had called it good and were so happy with it….but alas, when the floor starts moving while you're walking on it, something must be done to fix it. Bryan ended up pulling up the whole floor, buying new mortar, and laying it all again. I know, I felt really bad for him, too. Thankfully it only took about 48 hours to get back to where we were, but still…

DIY is rough, guys. Even for the super talented people like my husband. You have been warned.

On the good side of this reno, Bryan did just finish all of the door casings and beadboard tonight. It still needs to be sanded, caulked, and painted, but it looks soooooooo good. Like good as in it looks like a different room. A different house. A much nicer house. We are happy with it.

I also ordered the shower curtain fabric today and the granite people are coming tomorrow to measure the cuts for the vanity counter. Yes!

It'll (hopefully) be downhill after that. Paint, fixtures, sewing,  decorating. (Hallelujah!)

I'm a little torn between light fixtures that we can actually afford. All of our lights are black/bronze in our house but I really like this little Martha Stewart one from Home Depot of all places, and it's chrome, although still vintage looking...

Our faucets are also chrome, but I initially wanted to stick with more of a bronze/rustic/modern farmhouse look for everything else. Thoughts are appreciated!

I also like this one: (but it's more expensive)

This reminds me! I know what I did last weekend. I made a pillow and a bedskirt for our bed. To say I love it would be the understatement of the year.

The fabrics are both from Hancock's. (I am growing a little obsessed with the sweet ladies that work there…they help me envision everything.) The beautiful Robert Allen was on a bolt for $9.99! I have always loved this fabric so I was pumped to say the least. The bedskirt fabric cost me a grand total of $25 because it was back in the remnant section. I don't have any good photos of it yet, but it's a really simple ruffle and pulls the whole room together. Took me a whole day but was totally worth it.

I really hope to share more on our bedroom later. It is finally coming together!


I'm trying to think of social things I did this week but once again I am proving myself to be a hermit….unless you count texting your friends and calling your mom? Going to your in-laws to hang out? No? Okay. I'll work on that.

Parker Reed has been cracking me up and has been quite the momma's boy. This never happens, so I'm one happy lady. He's also eating green beans by the bucket full, which is unheard of for him. I may have mentioned this before but it's worth repeating due to the miraculous nature of it. He got in his weekly dose of the Science Spectrum (Three words: Trains And Planes), and has formed an obsession with train crash videos on YouTube. I thought this was, uh, twisted until I realized it was toy train crashes and not real train crashes…but I'm still weirded out by the fact that people have enough time to make movies of toy trains crashing in the first place.

Also, Parker's feet stink. This is new and sad to me because it is proof that he is not a baby anymore. Just a stinky, loud, crazy ( and sweet) little boy.

(Watching the trains. We sit here for at least a half an hour every time we come.)

(In the air traffic control booth. His favorite.)

Hayes has been lapping up the sweet potatoes this week, yelling at us, thoroughly enjoying his jumper and being outside, and still refusing to crawl. He is cute.

I listened to a podcast with one of my faaaaavorite bloggers, Emily, and am even more obsessed with her now. You should listen, too. I'm also just hooked on this podcast in general now. Finally! Something to listen to while I fold laundry (Jeopardy was getting old).

I feel like I have so many things to talk about, but I'm already long-winded when I write and am tired so I will talk about them later. Is that good suspense or what?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I think the secret to carefree family photos is to be a guy. :)


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