My Craft Room (So Far)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

One of my absolute favorite things about our new house is that I have a craft room! Well, for the moment, at least :). We are having quite the debate on what purpose all of our bedrooms will end up serving. Or rather, my brain is having quite the debate. The hubs could really care less, he just wants me to make a decision. (Please tell me I'm not the only crazy lady who obsesses over things like this?)

Anyway -- The room "purpose" thing is a whole 'nother topic that I hope to blog about later... right now I just want to share the organization that I have finally (and miraculously) achieved in my very own craft room. (!)

This extra bedroom started out with stark white walls and the cutest little ceiling fan (please note: heavy sarcasm).

My whole thought process with this room has been that since it will most likely (hopefully) become a nursery sometime in the next few years, we needed to go... well, pretty cheap in here. 

It's nice and bright, which I wanted to show off, so I painted it a very light neutral color called Woodrow Wilson Whitewash by Valspar. (I love those Woodrow Wilson colors.) It is such a pretty, almost white color with a bit of a green tone to it. The baseboards and doors were also sanded and got a fresh coat of paint. 

Here is the before...

As I said, we wanted to keep things "affordable" in here and on top of that, I needed the decor to blend in with the rest of the house once the time comes to change all of it (those words are like nails on a chalkboard to my husband, haha). Enter the Ikea VITTSJO shelving units. And yes, I realize that everyone and their mom has these, haha. We bought two of them and stuck them in here to hold all of my craft goodies... and I've been in love ever since :). 

The progress...

Originally, I planned on painting the shelves a fun color (Maybe coral? Gold? Emerald? Navy?) .... but that has yet to happen. I really needed a functional space pronto and am actually loving the plain black in here for the moment. 

This may shock you (or just to prove to you that I have terrible hoarding tendencies), but I already owned everything that is on these shelves. Yes. It's bad.

I don't have every bin labeled yet, but it has been three months and this shelving system looks exactly the same! I know where everything is and it is SO easy to keep organized when everything has a special place. I love it. LOVE it. 

As you can see, this also serves as the display space for a lot of my extra decor that I'm not using at the moment. I love moving the different accessories around and playing with fun little vignettes. And yes, those are stock photos in two of the frames...I've been meaning to put some fun prints in those things. :)

Seriously guys....I have empty baskets on these shelves. They hold SO much for me. I have all of my sewing supplies, fabrics, fabric scraps, bow making supplies, office supplies, glue guns, staple guns, stationery, envelopes, kids crafts, painting supplies, favorite name it, it's here :). Amazing, I tell you.

So that's that! It's not much, but it feels so good to have something accomplished (and functional!), even if we still have a long ways to go in here. 

I'm still trying to figure out curtains, colors, a rug, a desk, and wall art for this space. Suggestions are much appreciated. Baby steps, baby steps. 

Have a wonderful day!


I should probably add that the kraft paper storage boxes are from Ikea (similar), as are the round stacking baskets and the linen magazine holders (both old and discontinued). Navy photo boxes are from Hobby Lobby. All baskets were collected from Ross, TJ Maxx, and Target.


  1. So awesome, Katy! I am excited to see your progress on the new house!

  2. Thanks, Caitlin! I'm excited to share :).

  3. It looks perfect of course! I can't wait to have a dedicated craft room with actual space! Right now I have a craft closet that inside our office/ playroom. I don't want any more babies but I do want more bedrooms so we can have a dedicated playroom, office/ craft room, and guest room. Ok now I'm just getting greedy. ;)

  4. Thank you! Haha, I am the same way. I want a designated room for everything, but that will probably never happen, at least not permanently :). I had a craft closet at our old house, too!


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