The Master Bathroom

Monday, June 13, 2011

Our bathroom is teeny tiny. Like 5'x7'. No joke.  There's nothing "master-ish" about it all. But, we've worked with what we have and actually really love how the space has turned out.


And the AFTER:

Such a big (and better) difference, in my opinion!

I found these mini sunburst mirrors at Ross. The succulent is in another milk glass vase that my mother-in-law gave me and the glass jar is from the one and only TJ Maxx.

Bryan re-tiled the floor with basic beige ceramic tile from Lowe's. If this hadn't been a starter home and we were planning to stay for a long time, we would have done something more fun, but I still love this! He did a great job. The bath mat is from Ross.

Bryan put a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets (they were SO chipped) and I went to town decorating the countertop.

The soap dispenser is from Target. I found the milk glass bowl at an antique shop and designated it as a "jewelry bowl". I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I tried to be more practical when decorating our I figured I would make a pretty place for jewelry to belong rather than just throwing it all over the counter...and house.

I also chose to display makeup brushes in a little box I found at Ross. I found a sponge at Target and thought it would be cute to display on the counter. It ended up being too big, so I cut it to fit haha!

The paint color we used is called "Castle Sands" by Valspar. It's very similar to what will be going on our bedroom walls too! I bought the bamboo blinds (that are throughout the house) from Overstock.


I LOVE the shower curtain. Target. All good things come from Target, I've learned.

This little sunburst mirror is hard to see in the other pictures, but I really love it. I just hung it off the window pane. I think it adds a really fun touch!

And there you have it. Our new and improved Master Bathroom!!

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. I love this! I can actually top this for the smallest master bath ever....ours is smaller. And we don't live in a starter home...sigh..:)

    But now I am inspired.....where did you get the bamboo look shades? I love those even though we don't have a window in our bathroom, I would love to use those in our kitchen.

    Love the blog and I have you on my blog roll on my blog as well.


  2. uhm.................. WOW. it turned out AMAZING. i love all the little details. you have fantastic taste and quite the eye for good design!

  3. Beautiful! Our master bath is about the same size too but I dread working on it. It is on the to-do list for a year now, ugh!

  4. If you look at our "Our Home" page on my blog, you'll see that our master bath is even SMALLER than yall's! We don't have counter space. Our next house will have lots of it!!

  5. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that color, so freakin cute! I LOVE room makeovers! Just found you from Sumo's Sweet Stuff and am definitely going to follow! Have a great Tuesday!

  6. Such a difference! The green looks very similar to the paint in my game room. It's Benjamin Moore Dried Basil. You did a great job decorating the countertops too.

  7. Beautiful! So crisp and clean!

  8. It just took one glance between the Before and After to get that "WHOA" feeling! It IS a big difference. You find those tiles basic, but they really gave the bathroom an aesthetic boost . The tiles really complements the bathroom and makes it to look spacious. You sure have awesome skills for designing.

  9. This is a great redo. The colors are perfect, and I really like the Beige tile--it gives you so many options. Really lovely accessorizing, too.

  10. Looks very good! You might want to put a lining on that shade- I have a lot of them in my house, with liners, because they give no privacy at all at night!


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