Good Deal.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I have to admit that I am a huge fan of all the deals from Living Social, Groupon, and other websites. Today I found out about a couple of national deals that were just too great to not share will everyone who reads the blog.

Through June 13th, you can visit and get multiple gift certificates to local restaurants for as low as $2 each. Just click on this link, enter your zip code, and find what restaurants in your area are offering gift cards for cheap! Enter the promo code "DEAL" in the box after you've added them to your cart to get up to an 80% discount. I bought four $25 gift cards to Triple J Steakhouse here in Lubbock--an amazing and usually way too expensive place for us to eat! I got each gift card for $3.50...yeah yeah! Oh also, make sure to read the conditions for the gift card before you buy it---there are some that require you to spend (for example) $50 to use your $25 gift card. Still a great deal though!

ALSO, Living Social is offering 2 movie tickets for $9 through Fandango today! I was so excited when I saw this, because movies are so expensive but we still love to go when we can. Click here to buy them.

Yay for saving money. Have a great day!

Oh, P.S.

WOW. I am in love.


  1. I love how those flowers cascade off the table! Just found your blog... it's adorable! Look forward to following you!


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