Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This may be old news to a lot of you, but I feel like I've discovered a whole new world. My eyes have been opened to Pinterest, an online "bulletin board" where you can pin all of your favorite inspiration photos from around the Internet into as many organized categories as you want. I am in love. And I'm just starting out!

This week I'm going to show you all a few of my most recent additions to my "Weddings" Board:

(click on the images to view their sources)

I LOVE anemones and ranunculus....these are SO great.

My jaw dropped when I saw these.

Isn't this doily dress adorable? I'm pretty sure they made it!

I think the whole planet is obsessed with succulents right now...

I love mini servings for each guest, and honestly what could be better than a mini 7 layer dip? Just give me some tortilla chips and a margarita and I'm good to go!

Um, no words. This whole wedding is amazing.

You can view the rest of my Wedding Board here. And yes, I do realize that my time as a bride has come and gone, but in case you didn't know, my dream is to be a wedding planner, so I just think of this as research :).

Have a great day!


  1. Gorgeous snippets of wedding inspiration. I write for a few bridal magazines so I'm always looking for ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Pinterest is amazing, isn't it?!? I'm excited to start following your pins!

  3. oh you will def be planning my wedding homie.

  4. Jodi- I am jealous of your job!

    Kristi- Yes, I'm officially obsessed! I will follow you too!

    Lauren-- Heck yes! Just me a call whenever the time comes :).

  5. love the idea of individual 7 layer dips. i want to be invited to that party! ;)


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