Our Living Room (So Far)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

As I've stated probably way too many times before, our house is a major work in progress. As I've also said before, I created this blog not only to share our life with our families that live far away, but to document our first-time-home-owning experience. SO, today I've decided to show you our living room because I'm pretty sure ya'll haven't gotten an update in it in a while. Here are some of the things that have changed in the living room in the last month or so:

-new floors
-new fireplace surround
-new throw pillows
-new rug
-new blinds
-new curtains
-new dresser
-new coffee table

So....lots of "new". BUT, I still have a ton to do....which includes but is not limited to:

-putting a HUGE sunburst mirror above the fireplace
-hanging a bunch of frames with wedding pictures above dresser area
-Get a different lamp...?
-accessorizing everything (which is a lot)

Ok, so it doesn't sound like that much, but it is!

Here is a picture of our living room last summer:

I actually like all of the stuff in it, but I was kind of over it.

And here it is NOW: (remember I'm not done yet!)

LAST SUMMER (much more accessorized):


I love my new pillows! I was going to just make some, but then fate intervined and I came across these PERFECT pillows at TJMaxx for just $16 each! I just about freaked out, they are exactly what I was envisioning!

I cannot for the life of me make the window show up better.....there's a way to do it, I just haven't figured it out.

Oh yeah, we are getting the couches cleaned this Friday....I'm so excited!

Yay living room! I'll post more updates as they occur :).

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  1. Wonderful new look! Great job!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Katy this is very pretty, an awesome redo although it was done with good taste before now it is just well more awesome!!

  4. Beautifully done~ I love the fireplace surround, too. Gorgeous. =)

  5. It looks great. I'm so happy to see the color on your walls because I just painted my family room in a similar color, and I'm a little nervous about it!

  6. Wow it really looks beautiful! I love what you did with the fireplace!
    Stop by I'm having a giveaway.

  7. Wow! That's is really pretty! It looks like a layout from Pottery Barn. Great job! I'm here from the Shabby Nest.

  8. Your rooms looks so awesome! I love how simple you kept things, it really pays off!


  9. Love the new look and those pillows are fabulous!! Looking forward to seeing more, Martina

  10. Wow, what a differance. Love everything you have done. It is such a clam, bright, inviting space. You did an amazing job!

  11. How amazing..I can not believe it is the same furniture. It looks so different...it is beautiful!! Dianntha

  12. What a great transformation! The room looks beautiful!

  13. Beautiful! I am the same way ... I just get over things. :) I love how you made small changes and they made such a big difference!

  14. What a beautiful new look. Very clean and classy! I love your fireplace redo, too. Visiting from TDC and am now a follower. Come on over sometime! Becca


  15. Oh my goodness- how BEAUTIFUL!
    LOVE IT! :-)

  16. you have karate chopped those pillows to perfection. i love the clutter free-ness that is going on in here, but i know if i took out accents in my own home, i'd feel like something was missing.

  17. Oh this is so great! You have done a good job, it is so bright and classic. I love the changes you've made. Looks like it is out of a Pottery barn catalouge. I am a follower!

  18. Thank you thank you everyone!!!

    And yes, I practiced my karate chopping for those pillows :)!

    I really appreciate your comments!

  19. So pretty! Esp the fireplace. What a difference.

    When I first read this

    we are getting the couches cleaned this Friday....I'm so excited!

    I read "colons cleansed".

    Just had to share.

  20. Following you from Sugar Bee Crafts. Love the new colors! I'm a neutral girl myself...I think it looks so comfy & inviting. :) Would love to have you link it up to my {wow me} wednesday link party going on right now on my blog. :)



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