More Flower Bows!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Alright, well remember last week how I mentioned that I had found several ways to make flower bows? Well, today I'm showing you one of those methods as well as one I came up with myself. I love them both so much!
Sidenote: Sorry to anyone who reads this for personal posts... I know these craft posts are SUPER boring for you, but I wanted to blog about them so you will have to deal....or you can just not read these!

First are these silk flowers that I've been seeing everywhere:

What you will need:

-Silk/Satin Fabric (I bought fabric remnants at Joann's--you don't need that much)
-Beads of buttons
-Needle and thread
-Pins or hair clips
-Wax paper
-Hot glue

First, cut out 4 or 5 circular peices of fabric at varying sizes. They don't have to be perfect, you can just freehand them.

Next, light a candle and hold the edges of each circle over the flame until they curl. Be careful not to let them burn or catch on fire! If they do melt or burn, you can trim off the edges and do it again.

Once you have all the edges curled, stack the "petals" on top of each other however you want.

Take beads or buttons (I sacrificed old necklaces that I haven't worn in years for this part) and sew a cluster of them to the center of the flower to secure all the petals and add a cute little decoration!

The finished product! (P.S. These are almost as big as my hand)

Here are pictures of the other ones I made:

This one looks black in the picture, but it's chocolate brown...I love it! And the buttons are a LOT easier to sew on than the beads.

I LOVE this one!

Ok, the next bow I made up myself! I was playing around with the ribbon I had used for normal hairbows and came up with this:

Cute, right?

Here's what you need to make it:

-4 9inch long strips of wide ribbon
-3 7.5inch long strip of thin ribbon
-Hot glue gun
-A button
-Hair clip
-Wax Paper

First, cut all the ribbon strips.

Next, hot glue each ribbon strip into a circle:

Hot glue each circle in the middle to make into a bow shape:

Take the thick ribbons and make into a flower shape, hot gluing each layer down on top of the next:

Do the same with the thin ribbon:

Hot glue the thin ribbon flower on top of the thick ribbon flower:

Then, add a button, and you're done!

Oh, I also glued all of my bows to alligator clips using hot glue and wax paper...

Here is a another "Ribbon Flower Bow" that I made:


Yay hair bows! Can you tell I'll be sad if I don't have a girl of my own? Haha!


  1. Love it! Great work!
    I'm visiting through remodelaholic!

  2. Katy - these are so cute!! I want to be as creative as you....

    Hopefully I will have a girl and you can teach me to do all these things!

    BTW - I told Kagney (Matt's wife and my cousin) that you were experiencing with making some bows and she was really excited!! :) Shw would probably buy some from you!

  3. Thanks, Alli! I would love to teach you if/when you have a girl:).

    And that's so nice abot Kagney! I always like Zaylee's bows when they come in to the office haha, I would def. make some for her!


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