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Friday, January 14, 2011

The events of this past week really made me realize how much things have changed in the last year. I have graduated from college, moved into a house, gotten a dog, and gotten a job. It was a very... weird process to go from being an involved college student to someone who is now trying to separate herself from that "world" (which is really hard, since I work on campus and still know a lot of the students). BUT, it's a change that had to happen, and is honestly a change that I was VERY ready for last May.

Even so, I was really excited to go to my first Alumni Night during Kappa's Pledgeweek as an actual alum. It was GREAT to see all of my old friends, and really great to get to talk about all of the memories that made us friends in the first place!

I also felt horrible for the poor, exhausted little pledges. There was even a girl who's ear drum had BURST and was bleeding because they were singing too loud.

This picture is totally creepy, because I only know like 2 girls in it, but...oh well!

Here they are at the wedding this year. Yes, Kappa always duct tapes the bride's mouth shut. (She can't be kissed!)

Everytime I go to the Pledgeweek wedding, I always think of my wedding during Pledgeweek....

Oh my gosh, I look like death. A group of us are reading a poem in this picture. P.S. We weren't allowed to wear makeup or smile, so that's why we look really bored and on the verge of illness.

Anyway, that was really random, but I just felt the need to take a trip down memory lane. I know a bunch of old Kappa girls read this, so I'm sure you all understand!

Another fun alum thing I was able to do this week was go to the first Lubbock Alumni Lunch...which I actually planned. :) Of course, I ran out of the house this morning and forgot to grab my camera, but you're not missing much--besides, we're having them monthly, so I can just take pictures at the next one! We had it in the new Welcome Center Rotunda--which is really neat looking and a great place for events like this. There were a little over 50 people who attended, and I hope it grows more in the months to come! Everything went really well though, and I think a lot of alums are happy that LCU is starting to be more involved with their (our) alumni.

In other news, Lubbock High officially has a new Head Football Coach. His name is Jason Strunk and I PRAY that he lets Bryan keep his job! Prayers please!!!!! We should know more details in a few weeks but until then, we need all the help we can get from you know Who!

Also in other news, I stayed up till almost 2am last night finishing a good book called My Name Is Memory. I was actually a little disappointed with the ending (cliffhanger) until I googled it a realized that it's the first of 3 books! I can't wait until the 2nd one is published!

I may start reading this one again.... (I'm really bad about re-reading books that I like).

This book is a little....I don't know, "Twilight-ish", so if you don't like those lovey-dovey, sometimes corny books, then don't read it. BUT is was a very easy read (took me 3 days), and was really entertaining. It's about this guy who can remember his past lives and follows the love of his life throughout her lives even though she can't remember him. Interesting storyline, no?

That was a pretty random post, but it's all I have for now!


  1. Geez Katy..... Thanks for the AWESOME picture of me! :) I'll get you for that one! (Not that those photos of us aren't already all over facebook for the world to see!)

    I know how you feel about being an alum... but it's good to be on the other side. Sometimes growing up isn't always fun, but I think most of the time, it is!

    I think I might just read that book! I want to start a book club.......

  2. We should!!! It would be fun!!

    And I figured you would be mad about that picture, but at least you look a LOT better than me!

  3. What's super creepy is I didn't know ANYONE in that pledge picture. Follies is going to be weird (but still awesome).
    I'm glad the Lubbock alumni lunch went great :)


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