Friday Favorites Volume 2

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hello! Here is my week for Friday Favorites. Late.

We must have had a whirlwind of a week because I honestly cannot remember how it started.

We went on a date last Friday and saw MacFarland USA which was really good and is about a family who is associated with LCU so that made it even more interesting. :)

I have no recollection of Saturday other than that Bryan had graduation and I survived a late night with our children. (You think I'm kidding but there are many nights that I'm truly in survival mode.) On Sunday morning we left for Denver to visit my parents and met my dad halfway in Clayton. We ate at a delicious little place…something like Rabbit Ear Mexican…anyways, go there if you ever drive through Clayton! After a long day of travel, we tried to sleep (I say tried because Parker was seriously so wired that he was roaming the house in the middle of the night, going into people's bedrooms, and attempting to play with his trains that live at Nonnie and Pops house) and ended up being really exhausted the next morning which was just perfect because….

My Dad and I did the Bolder Boulder! Yes. I woke up at 5:30am and was crazy enough to try this after not working out or running more than a block in almost 2 years. I am crazy. But we had a lot of fun! Well, I say that, however the day really got of to a rough start due to the previously stated reason (crazy Parker) and the fact the we parked TWO MILES away from the starting line and had to RUN to try and make our wave's start time. I'm not kidding. I was exhausted by the time we got there and we ended up missing our wave to top it off.

After we hopped in with another wave, I made it a little over a mile with my Dad before I had to stop and walk.  I told him I would try and catch up but eventually decided to switch off walking/running every few blocks/ stop signs/ stop lights. My legs were absolute jelly by the end of it, but this race was seriously SO fun. There were something like 65,000 people who ran it and it was just one of those things that makes you feel really good about humanity…as corny as that might be to say. The day was absolutely perfect and beautiful, which of course made me seriously wish I was living back in CO. There had to have been a band on every block and people were lining the streets the entire time. We ran the bulk of the race through Boulder neighborhoods, so it was fun to see people sitting out on their (beautiful) lawns having picnics and watching the runners. Boulder is…well, Boulder so I was thoroughly entertained to say the least. Slip n'slides, belly dancers, a ton of live music, and even alcohol available to runners (I didn't do any of that, but is was hilarious to say the least…"You do a cartwheel, we'll do a shot" kind of thing)…all so fun.

The worst part was the last lap around the CU stadium…I thought I might die, but I made it! My time was not great, but not absolutely horrible considering that I walked half the time. (I think I placed around 14,000th out of the 30,000 women who participated, haha!) I was mainly excited to finish because it meant I got to see my babies! Good motivation. Both boys had a blast, although Hayes was definitely exhausted by the end of it. Parker was in heaven when he got his own Diet Pepsi (his primary goal in life is to get a hold of Mom's Diet Coke). I am not above bribing for good behavior when we are out in public and this called for a bribe. It worked.

I sport a nursing cover at all times. Only the coolest of moms do. ;)

We were able to watch the professional races from the stands and I must admit that I got a bit choked up as they finished. They all can run the 10k in a ridiculously short amount of time (I'm talking 30 minutes) and then whole stadium cheered as they came in.

 Cheering for the pros.

Hayes hated the hat.

There was a big ceremony for memorial Day afterwards which was SO good and definitely kept me choked up! Parker loved the parachute jumpers coming into the field with flags for the various military branches, fallen soldiers/POW's, and of course, the American flag. They honored several WWII veterans,  and also swore in a whole lot of men and women to the military. Parker also loved the jet flyover after the national anthem. It was such a great day, but I was exhausted and ready to be home. I think I napped for like 4 hours after I fed Hayes.

And of course it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. (From the BB Facebook page)

I was SO sore on Tuesday that walking was seriously miserable. Laura and I went to see Pitch Perfect 2 on Tuesday night which was hilarious but that was about it for me. I also went the chiropractor which was awesome/horrible because I got adjusted (good) but was really sore so I couldn't move much (bad). We also made two trips to my favorite mall ever (Park Meadows….I'm not kidding, I have been to many malls, and it is still the best). We also got to eat La Sandia which has amazing tacos!! Give me Mexican food and I am happy.

My parents took Parker to ride the Georgetown Train on Thursday and had a BLAST. I know I've mentioned it before, but seriously, I have never seen a more train-obsessed boy. It may rival his obsession with Diet Coke. ;) He rambles about trains all day long. My Mom said he was in absolute heaven the entire time and even got to have his ticket punched. (He has a thing about getting train tickets punched---he takes our chip clips and walks around the house saying, "Tickets please!". It is super cute.)

Getting his ticket punched.

Getting his ticket punched, again.

My parents said the views are unreal. Kind of sad I missed it!

What were the rest of us doing during this train outing? Oh, you know…just watching the entire second season of Fixer Upper. We don't have cable, so I tend to binge watch various shows at my parents house. Loved it!

I cannot pick favorites to save my life, but here are a few rooms that I loved from this season:

I LOVE those striped pillows and the chalkboard. Bryan and I discussed doing pine paneling on our ceilings like this. 

Warm and happy.

That brick! Those pendants! The FRIDGE.

There were several good accents in this one. Also loved the chandelier.

(All images are from Chip and Joanna's website, right here.

On Friday, Judy and Abby drove into town for Abby's bridal shower that my mom was hosting on Saturday. We were able to fit in a trip to Hacienda (again with the Mexican food….all-time fave) and reminisce about all the fun we've had there. Bryan and I both had our graduation dinners there, I had my 18th birthday party there, and we had our rehearsal dinner there. We obviously hate that place. ;)

We also went to the mall where I spent a ridiculous amount of money on a shirt at Anthropologie…but I couldn't help it, it was so sparkly. I wear casual shirts every day (stay-at-home necessity/reality) but get so tired of them…but this was, again, a sparkly casual shirt. My sister's call me the "bling-y" sister when it comes to fashion, and they would be correct.

We spent the rest of the day getting ready for the shower which turned out FAB, but I will save that for next week because I'm supposed to update this thing weekly now. HAHAHA. Have you noticed that it's Sunday and I said I would post every Friday? Really starting off well.

Funny things Parker said this week:

-"Hey, Non!!! (His new nickname for Nonnie that he uses ALL. THE. TIME.)
-"Don't worry, we'll build it together." (talking about a train track, of course)
-"Did the skeeters get you? (mosquitos)
-"You have a squirrel in your back yard and it is SO CUUUUTE."
-"I'm here!! You guys, I'm here!" (Everytime he walks into a room)

Six and Seven Months

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

If you feel bad for Hayes and his horrid case of eczema…don't worry, I do too. I would not wish it on anyone!

(I am in Colorado and don't have his stats paper from the doctor, so this is just what I remember)

Weight: 18 lbs 3 oz
Length: 28 inches
Head: I think 18 inches?

Milestones: You can sit! You can reach and grab. You rock and scoot everywhere. 

Sleeping: 2-3 naps a day--usually 9:30-11:30 and 3-6. You sleep from about 9 until 5-7am. 

Eating: Every 3.5-4 hours. We nurse 5 times a day. ALSO, we started doing solid food which you really like! Loved cereal, also bananas, squash, and sweet potatoes. Not really a fan of the others though.

Likes: You love riding in the stroller, being outside, nursing, snuggling, playing in your entertainment center, and watching your brother.

Dislikes: Eczema. It's horrible and you scratch everywhere all the time! You also cry after bath time now. 

Favorite Things About You: That you actually like baby food.  Still laid-back and happy!

Memories: Your first Easter was sweet. You and your brother matched and you were completely roll-y and adorable but didn't do much of anything else :). 

For 7 months…

Weight: 18lbs 10oz

Milestones: SO CLOSE to crawling. You rock and rock and can go backwards all over the house but cannot crawl yet. You flip flop everywhere on your belly and have gotten really good at playing with your small toys.

Sleeping: 2 naps, 9:30-11/11:30 and 3-6. We've been doing an earlier bedtime at around 8:30 and you wake up around 6 or 7. 

Eating: Still every 3.5-4 hours. I had moved you to 4 times a day and then your eczema got SO bad that your doctor suspended us from baby food in case of food allergies, so we went back to 5 times a day.  

Likes: Pretty much the same. You are getting more playful with Parker and definitely have an opinion when he is too rough with you. You really want to play with his trains and will even sit and watch his tv shows with him. You have started screeching and yelling and it is absolutely hilarious. 

Dislikes: Eczema. Eczema. Eczema. Your doc upped the strength of an already strong steroid cream for it. I am at a loss most days of what to do. We went to Austin this month and you came home so pathetically sick with an upper respiratory infection and and ear infection (and of course, eczema). Also, Parker has started showing jealousy signs more often (I'm assuming because you have been doing more), and can be really rough with you which you don't like at all! I keep telling him that one day you are doing to hit him back, haha. 

Favorite Things About You: The yelling and screaming you have been doing to try to be included in conversations. We die laughing at it. 

Memories: You had your baby blessing at church and went to the nursery for the first time! So far, so good. All the ladies love you, except that your nursery teacher, Mrs. Rhonda,  says you mostly just stare her down during class.  :) We went to Austin for the state tournament, too. You did really well considering that you were sick. 

Friday Favorites Volume 1

Friday, May 22, 2015

Hello! One of my friends (Morgan) started linking to a Friday Favorites round-up so I messaged her on Facebook and said I was going to copy her in hopes of actually blogging on a somewhat regular basis. #bloggerfail

I tend to try a recap our entire life since the last time I blogged…but let's be real here, there is just too much to go through (repeat: #bloggerfail), so I'm just going to recap this week in my first (and hopefully not the only) edition of Friday Favorites.

Okay. I can't even remember what happened this week.



1. First off,  I finally documented Hayes in Sunday school this week. Sweet Mrs. Rhonda says he usually just stares her down. :) He also smells like perfume when we pick him up which I absolutely love because it's good proof that someone's been snuggling with him. :)

He is also SO close to crawling and spends most of his free time planking.

ALSO, I just now figured out how to automatically upload my photos to Google+ and blog them! Hallelujah. There is also a feature where if you take a bunch of photos in a row, it will mush them all together to make a little movie. :) Cool. Go Hayes, go!

 2. We have been working on the house SLOWLY and are finally making progress in the boys bathroom (did I mention we gutted it in March? Yep.)

I went to a granite yard this week and found our future vanity top in the remnant section. I was wanting quartz but then it ended up being a lot more expensive. I did not know this?

Anyways…it's call black pearl and it still very expensive to me, but I don't know what else we could use in there that isn't just like the top we already had….

The ladies that worked there were so sweet and held a blanket over Hayes' head so he wouldn't get burned (I did not realize we would be outside). Haha! Here is what it looks like installed in a kitchen (I love this kitchen and hope to do ours eventually too):

(from Dear Lillie)

3. We went out for my friend Alli's birthday on Saturday (3 words: Torchy's Amazing Tacos….and also: Lemon Truffles from Marketstreet) and then got a text from Bryan saying "Boys are in bed. Take your time." Bless that man. I then leisurely walked the aisles of Target for 3 hours. Because I'm super cool like that. Did you know it's now open till midnight? I have a theory that they have realized that their largest market are moms who need a Target escape after bedtime and decided to extend their hours just for us. 

Anyways…I ended up getting a swimsuit that I cannot find online but is a really cute one piece with flamingos on it. I think my days of bikini's are coming to an end... because I have grown up enough to realize that I have two little boys who need a more modest example from their mother. ;) 

I also really like this scalloped one, also from Target:

I also got two pairs of sandals and some earrings. :) Bryan might rethink letting me have a free night every once in a while, haha!

4. Parker had his last day of school this week and I think we are all bummed for various reasons. We have LOVED Sugar N Spice so much. He has made some sweet little friends and has the best teachers. I love that we know almost everyone through LCU, too! Mrs. Sumer has just been the best and can do no wrong in P's eyes. 

Here is the process of getting a smile from Parker. (Another mom had to give me bunny ears.) Oh, being three!!

I have a feeling I'm going to stress myself out too much with these teacher gifts. (Story of my life.) I ended up getting his teacher a gift card to a tea place (thanks for the tip, Morgan!) and one of those tervis mugs and spent entirely too much time messing with that bow. 

They did the sweetest little program last night to top the year off. Parker has been singing his class's song, "Busy Buzzy Bee" for weeks now, but didn't seem that into it while on stage. (He didn't seem to want to leave the stage, though :) 

(I do not know if that will work but it's worth a try!)

5. Speaking of Parker, he has been VERY "three" lately. Like…for the most part, he just drives me nuts. He is of course still very sweet and very funny, but we have had many stand-offs just this week and I feel that Team Parent is losing. Also, he is suddenly very scared of the dark and has gotten into bed with us 3 times this week in the middle of the night (which I actually don't mind because it usually guarantees good snuggles IF he goes back to sleep). Two nights ago, he wouldn't even go to sleep in the first place and kept running into the living room (which is normally punishable by spanking), so Bryan warned him once, and then he got out of bed again, opened the door, and said "Um, I need a spanking." Um…? Bryan and I glanced at each other and then Bryan was like "Okay, I'll get the spoon", and Parker was like, "Okay!" We truly did not know what was going on! Bryan said that when he went in there Parker had his hiney in the air and was just waiting. SO… I have no clue what we are doing. :) 

6. I have spent entirely too much time writing this blog post, so I'm going to try and make this quick.

I read another book this week. Paper Towns by John Green. Guys, I just love YA. I can't help it. It's just so easy to read. And I love John Green because his characters are smart and a whole lot wittier than I am….well, I say that, but I was actually thoroughly annoyed for most of this book because Margo Roth Speigleman (whom the book basically revolves around) is pretty much psychotic. I do not know if everyone see this, but I definitely did. 

Here are the other books I have read semi-recently (I'm hoping to keep this updated and maybe get more book suggestions from anyone who reads this? Please?)

1. Bridge to Haven (Actually not that impressed…boo! Had such high hopes, Francine!)
2. Maude
3. The Girl On The Train
4. We Were Liars
5. Me Before You
6. Three Wishes
7. Big Little Lies

I also am halfway through Interrupted. Jen Hatmaker. Why must you turn my life upside down!? This book deserves a post all by itself. It's a good thing, though. I have found myself getting so…annoyed, I guess, with a lot of Christian "culture" for a good while now,  and this book seriously states my exact thoughts but also proves me guilty on every page! Very good.