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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I'm back today with more details on the Boo Bags that I made for Jo-Ann. I was so happy to do a crafting segment on KAMR yesterday, too! Here is the link to the video in case you want to see just how awkward I can be on television. 

I just love these things. They are floating around all over Pinterest, and I found my inspiration for the cone shape here, but I really was able to make it my own--the creative possibilities are endless with these!

Here is a list of supplies you will need. Jo-Ann is actually having 50-70% off ALL of their Halloween and Fall crafts and decor so I was able to make these really inexpensively. 


-12x12 Sheet of scrapbook paper (double-sided or 2 single-sided sheets glued back to back)
-Crinkle shred
-18 Inches of ribbon for handle
-Wired ribbon, faux fur trim, beads, pom pom, foam shapes, or whatever you want to decorate with! This is the creative part!
-Hole punch
-Glue sticks, hot glue, or glue dots
-Candy, toys, homemade treats, and other fillers
-Extra scrapbook paper for your gift tag
-Printable gift tags (link here)


You will twist the 12x12 sheet of scrapbook paper into a large cone and glue. Trim around the edge to make the top a circle. Hole punch either side and tie the ribbon on for the handle. Add trim, ribbon and other decorations. Stuff crinkle shred and your goodies down in the cone. Last, and most importantly, cut out your tag and attach or put in cone. You can mount it on to other decorative paper like I did, too!

I demonstrate all of this in the craft segment, too, if you need a visual reference. ;)

Take these babies to a neighbors house, ring the doorbell (at a decent hour), and RUN! They will open their door to a sweet surprise with instructions to pass it along!

The kids and I will be off to "Boo!" our neighbors this afternoon. Pumpkin carving tonight. We are Halloween-ing it UP.

Don't forget your free printable tags with a Boo-ing poem and instructions, which is right HERE.

Have a wonderful day, friends!


  1. You are way too crafty and precious, Katy. SO proud!

    1. You are such a good friend to me, Annie!! Love you!


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