Favorites for Friday (Saturday Edition.)

Saturday, September 5, 2015

It's almost noon and we are just now getting going at our house. Isn't that the best kind of Saturday? Much needed around here, let me tell you.

Here are a few things I am loving as of late:

I have found a new favorite candle...Country Morning by Circle E. Everyone in Lubbock is pretty obsessed with these things, but I had never given them a shot myself....until I did, and now I love them, too! They are made in Fredericksburg and are just amazing. I will also add that a huge perk to having a KK's booth is that KK's carries a ton of candle lines, so they are easy to pick up!

This cute kids cd is our current choice of music in the car. I have it on my Spotify, and Parker is pretty obsessed with the "train song" (aka I've Been Working On The Railroad...shocker). As it goes, I'm not a huge fan of kids songs blaring as we drive around town, but when you have Cory Morrow, Aaron Watson, and Pat Green singing them...it ain't so bad!

Parker is getting to where we can read longer books now, so I opened this one for the first time this week and just about cried it was so sweet. What a wonderful explanation of God and love. I love all the old illustrations, too.

Friday Night Lights is back on in our house...basically from the time the kids get in bed until we can't keep our eyes open. We are already on season 4 (I know, we are ridiculous), but it's really nothing that can be helped. I still want to be Tami Taylor when I grow up. It also makes me feel a bit more proud to live in west Texas for some reason? #cleareyesfullheartscantlose

Favorite pin from this week....hellooooooo beautiful. You're welcome. :)

 Just ordered these book cuffs from Jane. SO excited for fall clothing. It beats out summer clothing for me every single time. I'm attempting to get a little wish list together for my fall and winter wardrobe....maybe I will put something here on the blog if I get around to it. ;) 


And in family land:

We got to go to lunch with friends TWICE this week and after our Chic-fil-a date on Wednesday with Alli and her kiddos Parker passed out on the couch. Does it make me a creeper mom for just sitting and watching him? 

Planning to recover this bench but I am still deciding if I should paint it? I'm thinking a deep gray or green with a linen looking fabric...yes?

The big news of the week was Parker starting his first day of 3's class at Sugar N Spice. We love our Sugar N Spice. His teacher is super sweet and he did super well. It was all very super and I can't believe how big he is getting.

Still a little sassy, though. ;)

And then we have the "Crazy Hayes-ie", as we call him. This child. I was washing dishes the other night and looked down to see him climbing on the dishwasher like it was no big thing. And then I grabbed my phone for the obvious photo opp. ;)

My kids are so funny. Hayes is all in to moving furniture around the house (anything he can use as a walker), saying "bye-bye" and waving backwards to himself, and pointing at everything. He thinks it's HILARIOUS when you point at him, too. He race crawls to the bathtub when he hears the water running because he loves, loves, loves bath time, and he also LOVES loud sounds and thinks they are quite comical, too. I'm finding that he is much less timid than Parker was and is very all over the place and into everything. I caught him eating an old sandwich from the trashcan this week. Yep. Lesson learned...but oh man, can he snuggle. He lets us love on him way more than his brother ever has, and when we rock at night he always sits and pats my arm or my shoulder and I just basically want to die because he is precious and I love him.

Parker Reed....I'm learning a lot about him, too. I think he's going to be a little rule follower. He always talks about how we need to "clean up this mess!" (also from me...poor child), and his new teacher tells me that he is always the perfect student (his old teacher told me this, too). He has a tender heart, though, and cries easily when his feelings are hurt or something makes him sad. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but Parker's standard song to get Hayes to stop crying is a very fast and high-pitched version of Jesus Loves Me. That has been happening for many months and it is still adorable. On the OTHER hand, Parker is crazy. Like he talks ALL the time (as I've mentioned before), is very opinionated, and is very outspoken in a 3-year-old way. 

Last week I was making lunch and he was sitting at the counter. I was a HOT mess, still in my  pajamas, hair a mess, no makeup, I don't event think I had brushed my teeth...and all of a sudden, Parker goes, "Mommy, you're not a handsome girl yet." Uh.... 

I looked up at him and said, "Well, what am I?" and he said, "You're a jammie girl."

I just about died laughing and was VERY thankful he didn't say something worse. And bless that boy for tacking on the "yet" to his initial observation. I mean...good grief. 

Parker = 1, Mom = 0.

Oh, AND yesterday we had lunch with my friend Annie and her new babe and Parker apparently went to the potty by himself when I wasn't paying attending and walked back to our table without pants, underwear, OR shoes on. YES. YES. THIS IS MY LIFE. Mom of the year. So, the lucky restaurant patrons saw Parker's wee-wee and we had a good little talk about what mommy means when she says "public" and the insane germ levels of floors and toilets in public.

Parker = 2, Mom = 0.

I'm out of time, so I will let the last photos speak for themselves. 

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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