A Few Things for Friday (Saturday Edition).

Saturday, August 15, 2015

I had this post written for yesterday, but it is happening today. Welcome to my life. :)

I like all this writing about things I'm liking/doing at the moment, it helps this mildly frazzled brain of mine empty a bit so that I can be less...well, frazzled.

1. FIRST. I meant to put this in last week's post but I forgot. (Frazzled.)

If you haven't already downloaded/spotify-ed this Ryn Weaver album, you should. It is SO good. So good. I realize it's quite possible, even probable, that everyone already knows about this girl, but just humor me. I spend my days singing the Veggie Tales theme song.

2. I am currently reading Pride & Prejudice. I am a bit ashamed to say this for it is my all-time favorite movie (the Keira Knightly version gets me every time), but it's the truth. Am I even allowed to have it as a favorite movie if I haven't read the book? Anyways...I am working on it. Also--Death Comes to Pemberly on Netflix: entertaining....worth a watch. (or two!)

3. Still waiting on inventory for the booth to arrive...STILL WAITING. I am very impatient, I guess. Bryan got the roof up on the booth but I am still wanting to drape it with fabric of some sort. Hoping to get that done tomorrow.

(One of my all-time favorite BHG house tours. I think this was like 5 or 6 years ago? So good.)

4. I cannot find a fiddle leaf fig in Lubbock. It's just not happening...and I would really like to jump on that bandwagon like pronto. Any pointers? Any really cool Lubbock gardeners that can get me into a secret fiddle leaf fig club? ;)

5. Parker left for Colorado yesterday to see Nonnie and my sisters (Pops had to go on a fire...boo.) I am having withdrawals just a bit which is semi-ridiculous since I was a little toddler-tired this last week. I thought I would essentially get a vacation with just the one baby but Hayes is happily proving me wrong on that front. Just today he broke a vase, spilled a (cold) cup of coffee all over the couch and rug, climbed into the fireplace, and swung (in terror) on the door of the entertainment center. That last one was pretty comical. :) He also has no sense of what "Mommy's toys" are, as Parker calls them. Sweet Parker Reed was not really interested in all my decorating stuff (like at all...I know now how lucky I was), but HAYES. Hayes, you are a crazy baby. And you are in. to. it. all. Exhausting, I tell you. But cute! And also 10 months old today! Good grief.

6. I am juggling several plates right now and am about to lose my marbles (see above.) I go through times when I'm like, "I'm so bored....let me just add 37 things ALL AT ONCE." I cannot seem to space things out....does this happen to anyone else? Right now: Shop (and adding Christmas items to the shop), KK's booth, my kids, home, husband, house stuff (SO. much. house. stuff), Hayes' birthday party to plan, and MOPS. I am "Creative Activities Director" for MOPS this year. Have I mentioned that? It sounds so official....but it really means that I am in charge of crafts. For 80 people. Once a month. :) Like I said...all or nothing for this girl.

7. I made some leather strap pulls for our dining chairs and I LOVE how they turned out. The image above was my inspiration. I also added cushions from World Market to hide some damage to the wicker/woven seats. Love that, too! Hope to share photos soon.

That's all I have! I wrote a really long post about some of the house stuff that we are discussing but have yet to completely finish it. Maybe I will get that up this week. Would love to hear opinions from whoever reads this!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh, so much goodness in this post! I love the chair straps! Great idea. And those photos of the boys are adorable! I'm also the same way with adding WAY too much all at once. The second I have a free minute I get overly excited and need to do ALL THE THINGS.


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