A Few Things For Friday

Friday, August 7, 2015


I've been running around like a madwoman this week. And last week. And probably next week, too...BUT I did want to blog about a few things whilst in the land of cray-zay.

1. I read this book last week. Amazing. Especially if you like historical fiction (WWII in this instance). Read it, please!

2. I read this article on One Kings Lane and was all like, "Oh my gosh, YES." It's all about common decorating mistakes (and they were nice enough to provide some serious eye candy as well).  I'm no pro at decorating, but there are a few things that I do know...and every single one of them was on that list. Read that one, too!

3. I have discovered the land that is Home/Interior/Decor-gramming (on Instagram @katyleigh725). It is NUTS and everyone is SO nice.... and (I'm happy to say) a whole lot easier than blogging. I have jumped on that train and will probably not be getting off any time soon. There are actual pictures of my house on Insta now! I do apologize to my real-life friends as this has to be somewhat weird/random/annoying...but I'm 27 and am going to do what I want (although I am still self-conscious about it, there is no denying that.)

4. In case you didn't know, we are opening a booth at KK's Corner Mall in Lubbock (which you would know if you followed me on Instagram). That was my big surprise in my last post, haha. This is the reason I am in a state of madness right now, but it's all for a good cause. Meri Meri is the main party supply company that I will be carrying and it is SO amazing and I am so excited! Just thought you should know. :)

5. I am really considering investing (I call it investing, Bryan does not) in a pair of nice jeans. The current pair that I wear are the $6.90 jeans from Forever 21, but they are wearing out....for obvious reasons. I have read about these Vigoss jeans and am still debating. They are in my cart but I can't bring myself to send in the purchase. Any other recommendations are appreciated! I want distressed/hole-y.

6. Every week we get closer to fall, y'all. (!) I can feel the crispness and the hear the sounds of football now. I also wish we had fall foliage like this in LBK.

7. My kids are nuts. Tonight was spent watching Hayes just crack up laughing as Parker spit matchbox car across the room. Yes, spit. Hayes also throws his food back like nobody's business. He is a little animal.  He dances for turkey and cheese. And also when you sing to him. Parker woke up at 4am the other night and finally crashed at 4pm the next day...and didn't wake up for another 16 hours. Bless him. And me. He also DOES NOT STOP TALKING. All the time. And usually in some sort of repetitious way. And he growls a lot, like really loud. And he keeps peeing on the carpet. You guys, we are tired.

But we are happy. :)

That's all I got. Booth should be open next week, preschool starts in a month, and then I will take a very long nap!


  1. I love seeing your house pictures on Instagram... Keep them coming! And as an outsider your kids sound hilarious and fun but as a parent that sounds exhausting ;). I'm dreading potty training because I really don't want to clean up pee on the wood floors and carpet! Can I just skip this phase???

    1. Thanks Meghan! I appreciate your encouragement!!

      My kids are hilarious, but totally NUTS. In the best way though. I'm sure you understand a bit! :)

      And yes...the whole potty training thing...I just don't get it. So much pee! Hopefully you will be luckier than we have been!

  2. I've been rewarding Lyla with live fish as incentives to STOPPPPP peeing on my floor.

    It has not been successful.

    1. Haha!!! Oh my gosh we had a live fish once. Parker still asks about it. Uh....

      If you figure out the secret to a pee-free floor, please let me know!


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