Our Week In Black and White.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

This past week was supah-crazy. And not always in a good way, (I had some not-so-great mental breakdowns, and some not-so-great wife moments, thank you very much fixer-upper house), but it was mostly amazing.

For one, my parents were here.

And that's just always good.

For another, sweet Parker man had a lot of big boy-moments this week, some that I've already blogged about, and some that I still need to write posts for. Most of them having to do with pre-school and his big boy bed.

Parker (striped teal shirt) in chapel. Thank you, Morgan, for the picture! Sorry, teacher I don't know for the awkward photo.

We had a horrendous scare his second night in the bed when P rolled off it. Yes. Waking up to shrieks of "MOMMY!" is absolutely terrifying. Thankfully he was more scared than hurt and dozed off soon after I climbed in bed with him.

He also skipped nap the first afternoon in his big-boy bed, declaring that he was a "bid kid now" when I asked him for his reasoning behind it. Thankfully we have been semi-successful with naps since then….I'm still crossing my fingers though. The child is so excited to sleep in his room, it's a bit ridiculous. We also started using minty-toothpaste this week, which has made teeth-brushing about a million times better since Parker has an obsession with all things mint-flavored. I don't understand this. His father, however, has a tendency to hoard peppermints from restaurants so I guess I should have seen it coming. Apple and tree, I tell you! They are twins.

What did we do last week?

I believe there was a lot of eating. My pantry and fridge are currently showcasing the aftermath of that. We also got a lot of playtime outside as the weather has been wonderful at night! Lubbock has the best evenings of anywhere I have ever lived since it's not humid and not too cold. We can hang out well into October, sometimes even November. We were also blessed with two glorious days of overcast skies and rain!

What else…Parker was hilarious this week. I can't even tell you what all he did, but I do know for sure that he is turning into quite the little rascally man. Bryan and I keep asking ourselves what happened to our quiet, shy, well-behaved baby…but honestly, this has been my favorite phase so far!

My dad hauled our two nightstands that I scored on Craigslist as well a a BEAUTIFUL painting that my own dear, sweet sister did for our mantel all the way from Denver. She is truly talented and I love that we have one-of-a-kind art in our home!

 (Excuse crappy iPhone picture… doesn't do this masterpiece justice!)

We did lots of furniture painting, fireplace painting, and door painting in the living room….probably too much of it (insert mental breakdown, a la Katy), and I managed to make six new throw pillows for our couches. Y'all, I have conquered my fear of invisible zippers! This was truly a dream of mine (in the sewing department). Unfortunately, I am still not done.

Parker continues his obsession with Pops, and made it frequently known that there was no one else he would rather follow around. He can also point to every letter in the alphabet, count to 10, AND has finally decided that it's okay to wear hats. Just in time for Halloween!

My parents left yesterday….Parker was in tears, I was in tears…we were a mess. I didn't even change out of my pajama pants! It was a true crisis. Thankfully we have recovered a bit, I have cleaned the house a bit, and now P is in bed, I'm exhausted, and the last piece of chocolate cake is calling my name! So I should go.

Also, we have a fall candle warming on the stovetop. Why? Well, because I have terrible luck with  wicks burning too low to keep lit. It is a little annoying, but I am loving having a bit of fall in the house! There are few things better. Except for maybe chocolate cake.

Nursery work has commenced, everyone! Board and batten. BOARD AND BATTEN. Finally! I hope to update with house pictures soon!

Sorry for the random post!


  1. Wow I'm so impressed he knows his letters and numbers. Did you do anything specific with him for him to learn them already?

    1. Oh no definitely not doing anything special to be impressed by!! I have no clue how he knows them…we just do the foam letters and numbers in the bathtub when we have time. He has no interest in the learning the song and can only say them in order when I say them in order to him first, one by one. But he can point to them individually and say each of them when asked :). Numbers he just walks around saying. He seriously doesn't talk much, so we are shocked!

  2. I spy a Firehouse Subs hat! We have to go there just about once a week for Reagan to get a me what, haha. Parker is just too cute and that is so awesome he knows all his letters! I've been working with Reagan on the alphabet lately since I realized she could name all the monster trucks in the Monster Jam lineup but had no idea what the alphabet was. That's a bummer he fell out of his bed- do you use a bed rail? I got a hideaway rail for Reagan's bed that I love! She is all over the place when she sleeps!

    1. Oh yeah we use a bedrail! I have a double-sided hideaway, but unfortunately Parker seems to scooch to the foot of the bed which is where he fell off. We now have a pillow padding at the foot of the bed and have had to talk about staying in the middle where the rails are. :)

  3. You're welcome for the pic! I love seeing him there!


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