Friday, September 12, 2014

I cannot believe that it is Friday! We are happy about it around these parts.

My child is momentarily distracted watching Jonah, it is cold and drizzly outside, and we have a fall candle burning. I don't want to fold the laundry that is sitting in the dryer, so I thought it would be best to write a blog post.

Here are a few of my thoughts from this week.

1. Why, oh why, do all employees at all fabric stores work SO slowly? I think it's something to do with the nature of "people who sew".  I do not possess this quiet and leisurely nature. Neither does my two-year-old, who usually accompanies me to any and all fabric stores, and always seems to either pull 43 bolts of fabric off the stands, or open multiple packs of un-purchased gum in the never-ending checkout line.

2. I tried chalk-paint this week. I'm not sure if we will be friends. I do not have the patience for this stuff, or the money. We have been painting and re-painting a dresser that sits in our living room to no avail, and I have yet to call it "done". I think the chalk-paint will stay for now, only because I'm two lazy to try a THIRD paint color and too cheap to completely waste the $30 that I spent on said paint.

3. I think I'm turning into a newborn. I'm really good at sleeping during the day and wake up multiple times at night. Actually, it's more of a constant half-awake-half-asleep daze at night. I took two naps yesterday. Yes, two.

4. I finally ordered baby books for BOTH of my children (yes, Parker too), and I'm really excited about them. Lots of research went into this decision. They are right here on Amazon. I love that they are loose-leaf so I can add more keepsakes to them :).

5.  Parker has started smacking his lips together when he wants a kiss. Like how you smack your lips after you put on lipstick? Yes, that's what he does, and I love it. He also says, "Okay" in a tone like he is agreeing with something you ask of him, even when he is the one doing the asking. Hilarious.

6. I've been seeing a lot of "perfection" in blogland/ facebookland/ instagramland and it's starting to bother me. Is that bad? I probably promote this too, and I'm sorry for that. Anyways, I've been feeling the need to walk around my house and take pictures of the everyday nastiness normal-ness that you will find here, if anything to serve as a reminder to me 25 years from now that I was definitely not a perfect housewife or mother, since I will most likely forget. My child is currently eating puffy Cheetos 6 inches from the TV for goodness sakes. We all need some honesty every once in a while!


The whole mothering part of my life took over for a bit. Here I am on Friday night. It is still cold, and my husband and I just got home from date night. We ate a wonderful meal at Cheddar's (I'm not kidding, I LOVE Cheddar's. I am so hip.) and went to Starbucks where the barista wrote this on BRYAN'S cup:

Haha! We are both used to our names being spelled incorrectly, but that's just ridiculous.

Numbers continued:

7. Bryan just built a fire. In Texas. In September. But he is unbelievably proud of it. He didn't have much luck with our wood-burning fireplace last winter and I think it left him feeling inadequate as a man or something? Anyways, it crackles and makes me happy.

8. I came to the sudden realization that my outside baby (aka Parker) needs fall and winter clothes today as I attempted to dress him for the current weather. I ran to Old Navy tonight and got a few super cute things.  Old Navy skinny jeans are cheap and the BEST for tall little boys with tiny hineys. (Hinies?) I did not get these shoes tonight, but I will for sure order them when there is a big enough sale online. SO cute!

9. We had our first MOPS meeting today which was such a blessing to me! Parker loved it too and smacked his lips until his Moppets leader gave him a kiss before we left. My best friends all work, so I get really lonely a lot of the time being at home. That's a topic for another day though…a more serious day when I feel like pouring my heart out.  This is why MOPS is good though.

I am terrified to make other "Mom Friends". It is truly like dating. Or the first day of middle school. Whichever you consider to be worse. I ate about 16 donut holes and our speaker talked about personality types which was interesting. Have you ever taken a Keirsey personality test? It's the one where you end up with four letters that are supposed to describe your personality. I've taken it before, and usually have one or two letters switch. Today I got ISTJ. Basically an introverted control freak who likes to organize. :) People always tell me that I'm extroverted…but truly, I am not. I tend to make super-extroverted friends and tend to get put in super-extroverted roles and I DO like to be around people, but I also become extremely exhausted if I'm around pretty much anyone outside of my husband or immediate family for more than a day or two.

Just so you know. :)

Anyways, he also talked about how our personality types tend to get put on the back burner as young mothers, because we are catering to the other personality types within our families. So, when we (moms) don't get to do what comes naturally to us, or what energizes us based on our personalities, we become drained and exhausted, which of course equals lackluster mothering and wife-ing. Basically he gave me an excuse to shut myself in a corner and read every once in a while :). There was a ton of other stuff he spoke on with how certain things affect your marriage, how you should nurture the personality types of your children, etc. etc., but I am really rambling and am tired so I think I'll stop there.

We did go and see the 9/11 memorial flags after MOPS though. I always get emotional when I think about this day and already wonder how we will explain it to our children without terrifying them.


I have ONE more thing to do in Parker's room and then I will post pictures!! It seriously the tiniest thing…I need to put a photo in a frame on his bedside table. I love the room though.

Remember how this is normally a house/decorating blog? Yeah, I need to get back on that. :)

Thanks for letting me talk!


  1. I feel the same way about blogger perfection, but it definitely couldn't even pretend on my blog that I'm even sort of keeping it together. I love seeing real reality on blogs! And oh man I so feel you on craft store employees. I don't know what it is about going to Joanne's or Michaels but everything in those stores seems to run in slow motion!

  2. So sad to not be able to go to MOPS! It was great and such a nice break :) We miss you and that blonde boy of yours!


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