29 Weeks

Saturday, February 18, 2012

(Excuse my crazy hair and the different angle. It was raining so I had to put the tri-pod somewhere dry!)

Baby Boy,

You have been in my tummy for 29 weeks today. There are only 11 more weeks until I get to meet you! While this whole experience is flying by, I'm starting to get very impatient at the thought of getting to see you for the first time. You've developed a little personality in my belly and I now have this mental image of not only what you look like, but what you are thinking when you do certain kicks and punches throughout the day. I always announce when you start having a kick party and your daddy always attributes it to what I have been eating, watching, or doing. We have learned that you love really sweet things (like the raspberry cookies I made last night) and when I lay on my side to talk to you. Your dad's hands seem to have a calming effect on you since you can be kicking up a storm until he touches my stomach. You just go still, like you know he's there and you want to be on your best behavior.

We have come to the decision this week that we are going to name you once you are born. It needs to be perfect for you so we want to wait and see what name you look like. I have finally reached the point in my pregnancy that I get to go to the doctor's office and listen to your heartbeat every two weeks instead of every month! I feel so cool; like I'm in a "Third Trimester Club" (You will learn that I am a huge nerd). Your nursery is coming along quite nicely, and I always sit and imagine you playing on the floor with all of the fun things that we have started getting for you. Sometimes your dad and I will lean over the crib rails and talk about how exciting it is that you will be laying there in just a couple of months.

The day you arrive will be the most life-changing day in either of our lives. I hope that you realize as you grow up just how blessed we are to have you, no matter what happens. I know that God already knew who you were even when I was a little girl who was just starting to daydream about having babies of my own one day. He had you planned for me before I ever even knew it, and I am SO thankful that he chose me to be your momma. I hope and pray every day that I can be the type of mother that God wants me to be for you. There is so much fun to come in the future!


Your momma


  1. Umm I LOVE your outfit!! You just look great and I love your sweet letter to Baby Boy! Our little guy does the same thing when dad's hand comes over to feel...he totally calms down. :)

  2. I love these posts you do! So sweet and touching. Something all three of you will be able to look back on one day! I can't wait to see what you're going to name him!

  3. You are the cutest preggers ever. Your posts to your baby are so sweet, I really enjoy them.


  4. So I am asking this to a bunch of pregnant bloggers that I follow because I am trying to gather information.
    How did you announce to your family that you were pregnant?
    Thanks so much and congrats again!


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