Four and Five Months.

Friday, March 20, 2015

I am SO great at monthly posts!

Weight: 16lb 10oz (75th %)
Height: 26.5in (95th%)
Head: 17in (91st%)

Milestones: Laughing!! It is really hard to get you going though. Your daddy, brother, and grammie are the best at it. A lot of the time your laugh is a big long "haaaaaaa", but they are good at getting belly laughs. :) Good at sitting up with assistance and propping yourself on your elbows.

Sleeping: We have been all over the place. You started waking up at 5 or 6am every morning which was sad for mom. So pretty much anywhere between 7-10 hours. You take a good long morning nap and are kind of hit and miss in the afternoon. Usually two 1 hour long naps. 

Eating: Still 3-3.5 hours. No solids yet; your brother traumatized me.

Likes: Tummy time, being outside, being rocked, your brother, sucking on your hands, thumb, paci--whatever you can get. Getting your bottom patted. You like when I sing to you, too. I usually end up on blue Skies and Rainbows or the Wheels on the Bus.

Dislikes: You have a horrible case of eczema and none of us are fans of it. You claw up your little head and it is so sad! I have to trim your nails every few days to keep you from scratching, but you don't like getting your nails trimmed either, so that is a challenge. 

Favorite Things About You: Your hair has started coming in blonde and it is oh so cute. You have the gummiest smile and a sweet dimple right below your lower lip. You are still mellow, and still just like to be along for the ride.

Memories: You took your first bottle this month from your daddy and you apparently wolfed that sucker down without a problem. Mom was a little sad. Parker LOVES you so much, and is constantly wanting to show you his trains and tells you all about them. He also loves to show you off to his friends, even though he gets very protective when they get too close. ("He MINE baby brother.") He also is constantly saying "Awwwww, he so coot (cute)…awwww, he so seet (sweet)…aw, he so wittle (little). And he gets a little panicked when you cry in the car and can't give you your paci. He very aggressively comforts you, saying, "It's okay, Hayes! Aww, SHHHHH! It's okay, don't cry! Mommy, give Hayes his paci!"

Weight: 17lb 10oz

Milestones: You finally started rolling over a little more regularly this month! SO close to sitting, but I think we still have another month. Mom and dad are ready for you to have more body control!

Sleeping: Still all over the place. Anywhere from 7-10 hours, but you got a horrible upper respiratory infection the last two weeks that has you waking up coughing all the time. It is sad :). I WILL get you on a better nap schedule this month!

Eating: We have moved to 4 hours (sometimes 3.5). Really trying to establish a morning and afternoon nap, so that has helped stretch eating times a bit. You have been projectile spitting up SO much, but that is just because you've been sick.

Likes: You love your little entertainment center! You could stand in that thing all day and play with it. Your eyebrows get very concerned when you are playing, and you look a lot like dad. Speaking of him, you love him.  We are finally getting to spend more time outside and I wish I could keep you out there all day because your little face is just so in awe of everything. 

Dislikes: Eczema. Coughing. Burping. 

Favorite Things About You: More hair for you!! We have gone from dark hair, to totally bald, to a lot of blonde hair (I realize that you look bald to most people, but up close your head is covered!) And dare I say it…it may be a tiny bit wavy? You're a chunky monkey and I love it. You've been smiling at everyone we see and seem to be quite the flirt. Little old ladies stop me at the grocery store and always comment on your pretty pouty lips. 

Memories: I don't even know. I feel like this month was filled with a lot of sick from everyone. You are the only one to survive the stomach bug from he** that hit me, your dad, your poor brother, Nonnie, Pops, Bee, Grammie, and Abby (in that order). You were perfectly fine with us passing you around to the least queazy person during the whole mess. And then you got sick and that seems to still be going strong. Your Grammie got to give you a bottle a couple of times and was in heaven. Um…I will think of more for the baby book. :)

And for my Nanny… :)



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