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Monday, March 30, 2015

Hello! So, we have been doing a lot of house projects, including filling the 1,000 tiny air bubbles that have popped up in the wood floors (actually not as horrible as it sounds, just very tedious and kind of expensive). In more exciting news, we have completely GUTTED the boys bathroom (please realize that when I say "we", I mean "Bryan") to actually began a real-life-not-just-in-my-head renovation on it!

Here is the original inspiration board I made:

(links on Pinterest board)

I've already gone a different route on a few things (pretty much just the vanity), but we have already purchased the tub and tile for the shower and started the wondrous herringbone pattern on the walls. BEAUTIFUL, I tell you. I love this subway tile trend. And it's super cheap--like it cost $70 to get all of the tile. YES.

I am here today to ask a few questions.

First, how do you feel about mixing hardware finishes? I absolutely love it when I see it on Pinterest and blogs but am terrified to carry it out in real life. Well, not exactly terrified, more just stuck…there are too many pretty things and I can't decide!

I love the look of chrome faucets and hardware in a bathroom, (so clean! so sleek!) but I also love the rustic/farmhouse look of black/bronze. In fact, all of the light fixtures that we've added around our house are black so I'm trying to stick with that in the lighting department. And then there's GOLD. Oh, I love antiqued gold. Specifically for mirrors. But all of this together? I do not know.

A few photos that I love as general inspiration (and notice the metal mixing)…

(All pins are on my bathroom Pinterest board--it is a horribly curated board, literally just put together in my haste to do our bathrooms--some of the photos aren't my style…I just like specific aspects…yada yada yada… )

So my question #2 is… should I do the vanity lighting on either side of the mirror or above it? Chrome or black? 

I am for sure getting a chrome faucet (see inspiration board), and we just bought this chrome shower head and faucet:

(from Home Depot)

I have a black/bronze sconce in the inspiration photo (which now I can't even find and I think is too expensive anyway), but I also like these options…

In bronze:

And chrome:

And then there's this gold wonder…too expensive, but if someone else wants me to put in their house, I totally will!

So, a little help here is key. I need it. I'm driving my husband crazy. 



  1. I can't wait to see what it looks like! I like the cohesion of one finish, but I think if you have different decorative accents that accentuate both, it would look great too! Also, in most of the model homes I have been to out here recently, they have overhead lights!

  2. I feel your pain! The vanity light was my hardest decision in our bathroom remodel. I can't remember where we ordered from, but if you google "Cloche Vanity Light" we ended up with the 3-light one from Shades of matches the farmhouse faucet shape. We went with matching chrome fixtures, but have gold accents (robe hooks and decorative mirror), and I think it kinda works! So I am all about mixing metals! Whatever you do will look fantastic, and I can't wait to see the end results!

  3. Go for it. If you have to disassemble the bathroom piece by piece so you can put something more formidable in place, then go ahead. You just have to set up the plumbing well, and make sure that you get the durable pipes that won't leak. It pays that every piece of the bathroom is working well together. Good day!

    Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing

  4. We are gutting our entryway bathroom next week. I am not thrilled about it but it just kind of had to happen. It was slowly falling apart and we were even not having guests use it anymore because sometimes the toilet would flush and sometimes it would not and sometimes that door handle would get stuck and sometimes it wouldn't.

    Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement

  5. From looking at your photographs, you have a beautiful home and I wish you good luck with all your renovations. When attempting to renovate the bathroom, I would enlist the help of a plumbing company, so that you get the best possible finish possible. That is what I did and I also know that everything is working as it should.

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating


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